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White Label Background Check Software

White label BGC Software

Are You Struggling with Expensive Licensing Costs, Manual BGC Workflow, and Poor Candidate Experience?

With emerging risks posed by AI advancements, organizations must upgrade their background check practices. Azilen is dedicated to revolutionizing background check approaches by combining engineering excellence and human intelligence, leveraging over a decade of expertise in the field.
Freedom from expensive licensing costs
Freedom from expensive licensing costs
This is real. You don't have to pay heavy licensing fee or subscription fee. You enjoy full ownership rights and you can host the solution on your server for better control.
Instant use with ready-to-use solution
Instant use with ready-to-use solution
This really matters a lot. The solution is ready-to-use. That means, you will skip 90% of the lengthy product engineering lifecycle. For addressing your unique business case, you can customize the solution as per your requirements.
Impeccable adherence to security and compliance
Impeccable adherence to security and compliance
Our White label background check solution adheres to national and international laws. Also, a fresh audit will be executed respective to your judicial requirements before delivering it to you.
Delightful Candidate Experience
Delightful Candidate Experience
Creating an environment where candidates feel valued is inevitable. User-friendly interface ensures a seamless candidate journey, from application to verification, allowing them to submit required details, view results and raise concern.
workflow automation
Workflow Digitization &
You can automate various stages of the background check, from data collection to report generation. Top benefits are reduced turnaround times, increased accuracy, and improved compliance.
3rd Party System
Seamlessly integrate BGC platform with 3rd party solutions. The platform supports 20+ integrations natively. Additional one-click integrations can also be achieved for having automated real-time data sync mechanism.

Access a Complete Suite of Background Checks. (Truly an Unified Platform!)

Full service white-label background check software is your gateway to a complete suite of background checks. Simplify your screening process with seamless access to a diverse range of essential checks—all conveniently consolidated in one place.

Criminal BGC

Education Verification

Reference Check

Credit Check

International BGC

Motor Vehicle Check

Lien & Property Searches

Drug Screening

Address Verification

Employment Verification

BGC Possibilities of Azilen White Label BGC Software

Ensuring Inclusivity: A Holistic Ecosystem for All Background Check Stakeholders.

Because of the multi-user or multi-tenant architecture, you won't require any additional tool. The platform features role-based features for admin, vendors, clients, internal teams and even candidates.

Azilen White Label Background Check Solution

Handpicked Features for Each User.

Empowering all users, including candidates, is essential for a successful background check cycle. An unified platform integrates user-specific features to streamline tasks at all levels. Explore below.

1. Admin Features

Have a holistic view. Find every possible details of your all clients from a dashboard.

Add BGC service package for each client. There are pre-defined and à la carte packages. Pre-defined ones contain group of BGC category for easy ordering whereas à la carte are special BGC requests of clients.

All added packages for a particular client can be tracked from one place. You can anytime edit or delete added packages.

Access all vendor information in one centralized hub. Have a new vendor? Add them to your system effortlessly in four steps.

For each vendor, include contact details (of one or more individuals) along with their roles.

As BGC regulations have many disparity across regions, adding jurisdiction a vendor caters to makes it easy for assigning right client BGC request to right vendor.

Access all employee details in one centralized location. Execute necessary actions (add, edit, delete) with ease and clarity, ensuring you stay organized at all times.

Add newly employee details into the system. In addition to basic details, assign user role and department. Can anytime edit the details.

For each employee, set up the CRUD permissions as micro as tab, section and field level. Can have predefine permission group to give common permissions with single click.

2. Client Portal Features

A comprehensive dashboard to find status and other details of every background check order at one place. Advanced searching makes discovery easier.

Thoughtfully assigned color code enables team to find status of BGC orders visually. Beyond this, you can even download all BGC order details in CSV file.

From the dashboard itself, you can have eagle view of all the unassigned BGC orders you placed in the past.

Order Employment Verification

Easily add new background check order for a candidate or employee. Select the package, add candidate details and checkout by making payment.

Under the 2nd step of adding candidate details, you are supposed to provide details based on the type of BGC order you have selected.

With integrated payment gateway, making payment with credit and debit card is a breeze.

One crucial aspect of this adverse action process is providing the candidate with a pre-adverse action notice, which informs them that adverse action is being considered based on the findings of the background check.

This notice typically includes a copy of the background check report and a summary of the candidate’s rights under the FCRA.

It also provides the candidate with an opportunity to review the report, identify any inaccuracies, and dispute the findings before the adverse action is finalized.

3. Vendor Portal Features

  • Registration & Login

  • Dashboard

  • Recieved BGC Request

  • Update Status

  • Generate BGC Reports

  • Invoice & Payment

4. Candidate Portal Features

  • Login/Profile

  • Fill Requested Info
  • Upload documents

  • Upload Documents
  • View & Download BGC Report

  • BGC History

Killing Guess Work with Amazing Reporting Features.

Reporting tools champion unparalleled transparency. Whether gaining a comprehensive overview of activities at every organizational and team level or delving into complex details, reporting features revolutionize the way information is presented and analyzed.
Type Report
Scope for GenAI
Geography Specific
BGC Results

Achieve Peak Resource Utilization With Work Assignment & Distributions Setting.

In our Internal Portal, users with Work Distribution settings can easily indicate their availability: "Available for Work Distribution" or "Not Available." This feature controls work distribution and ensures task completion agility.
User Availability
Automatic Logout
for Inactivity
Granular Permission
Internal Work
Distribution Status
Prioritize Work
Distribution Access
Default Work
Prioritization Settings

From Siloed Operation Woes to Seamless Integration Bliss – One-Click Magic!

Imagine candidate status on ATS get changed to 'Background Check Required' and candidate data automatically gets synced with your background check solution! With over 10 one-click integrations at your fingertips, witness the magic of streamlined workflows unfold effortlessly.
I3 Screening
Equifax Credit Report
Looking forward to seeing platform in action?

Tomorrow's Assurance Today: Future-Proof Architecture of Our White-Label Background Check Software.

The best architecture is often described by its scalability, modularity and flexibility. It not only gives your users a smooth experience but much-needed peace of mind to you. Because it assures you of readiness to meet tomorrow's demands without reinventing the wheels.
1) Presentation
This layer makes sure the front-end web portal works smoothly with the backend services.
2) API
The gateway opens up web APIs for application clients and takes care of essential platform aspects.
3) Backend Service
Set of backend applications/services that implement business logic to perform a specific task.
4) Local Load
This component acts as a local load balancer for the implementation of various backend services.
5) Cache
Provides a temporary data caching & storage to be accessed by backend services to reduce latency.
6) Vendor/Integration
API Service
It is responsible for managing various third-party vendors and API integration via ESB.

It's About Choosing Between Rabbit Hole & Eagle Nest.

"In the rabbit hole, you may find curiosity, but in the eagle's nest, you discover clarity and wisdom." - Unknown
Comparison of Azilen BGC software, TazWorks and Checkr software.

Best Value

Azilen BGC Software
White Label Solution
White Label Solution Feature is included. Feature is not included.
Full Code Ownership
Full Code Ownership Feature is not included. Feature is not included.
No Monthly Fees
No Monthly Fees Feature is included. Feature is not included.
No Licensing Fees
No Licensing Fees Feature is not included. Feature is not included.
Free 1 Year Support
Free 1 Year Support Feature is not included. Feature is not included.
Free Software Updates
Free Software Updates Feature is included. Feature is included.
3rd Party Integrations
3rd Party Integrations Feature is included. Feature is included.
Full Service BGC
Full Service BGC Feature is included. Feature is included.
Candidate Portal
Candidate Portal Feature is included. Feature is included.

Other Sound Reasons to Place Your Confidence in Us.

For over 15 years, our team has been obsessed with one job called, Product Engineering. With subject matter experts onboard, we transform coding into innovative engineering solutions. Our ambition drives us to simplify complex enterprise workflows with bold and creative thinking.

Product Engineering Since 2009

Product Engineering in DNA

Core Domain Understanding & SMEs

Robust IP and Data Security Mechanism

Delivering Nothing Less Than Excellence

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Still have Questions?

Top FAQs Around Our White Label Background Check Software.

Absolutely. Considering your branding requirements, we customize appearance of solution, test it, and ship it to you 95% faster than custom development without losing any of its core value propositions.

Indeed. It is possible. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Thus, in case you want to add new features on top of the base, we deploy our team of engineers and add or customize the functional components based on the defined scope and timeline.

Indeed. The platform can easily be integrated with 10+ HRTech solutions with just one click. If you are seeking integration beyond native options, we can help you with the same as well.

Yes. With an ultimate goal of delivering the highest-ever uptime and ROI, we provide 1 year of full-scale complementary support. Through ticketing software, you can raise a ticket in seconds and our engineers instantly start working on it to get it solved.

Yes, for the entire 1 year, whatever updates we roll out to our white label background check software, you will be able to avail it for absolutely free of cost.

Yes. Our background check product is a ready-to-use, plug-and-play solution and thus does not have a difficult learning curve. Even so, we will guide you and make sure its implementation journey within your existing workflows remains smooth.