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Smart Data Access System

Smart Data Access System

The client is an organization that manages projects of city planning and development having many departments (i.e. water, land, electricity, law and other).


  • Managing and maintaining a wide range of documents of the project was daunting task

  • Inter department dependency to find and access physical copy of file and with time, paper getting worn

  • Delay in decision making and task mismanagement due to long process of accessing files



  • Further, Alfresco is configured with other open source framework- Activity engine and Java Business Process Management (JBPM) engine that provides standard interface for a smooth workflow.

  • In addition to that, it includes Content Management Interoperability Service (CMIS) complaint that can exchange content internally with other platforms based on same complaint.

  • For this extensive document management, Alfresco- an open source web CMS was considered to be perfect solution. It includes custom workflow for the Business process management and even provides image level search and indexed files for faster access. It also helps in easy integration with other platforms like Liferay, MongoDB and other front end processors.

Tools & Technologies



Content Management

Audit trail


Ensured information security

Server Maintenance

Document control access

Flexible Dynamic

Integration with mobile application

health suggestion

Easy and secure access of documents

health concepts

Scanned image searchable in the system.

health suggestion

Hierarchical document and user management

health concepts

Central document management system across all department

healthcare system

Advance categorized search such as by department,authority,location,file type,content etc.