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Pro Modernization

Application Modernization Services

Our Legacy Application Modernization Services.

Make your product flexible, agile and future-ready to scale within the business eco-system.
Your strategy towards modernization journey.
Experience Enrichment
Transforming the business processes into unmatched product experience.
Technology Enrichment
Leveraging technical advancement to drive better growth.

Blue Printing.

Your strategy towards product modernization journey.

Experience Enrichment.

Transforming the business processes into unmatched product experience.
Business Process Automation
  • Feature extension & usability
  • UX rejuvenation
  • Data insights
  • Accessibility best practices
Mobile Experience

Technology Enrichment.

Leveraging technical advancement to drive better growth.
Architectural Transformation
  • Architecture modernization
  • Architecture audits & assessments
  • Domain driven design
  • New age architecture patterns (Microservice | Event driven | Object oriented)
Technology Upgradation
  • Infrastructure upgrade
  • Tech upgrades (Codebase | Framework | Libraries)
  • Mobile advancement
Data Migration
  • Database migration
  • Backup & recovery
  • ETL best practices
  • Data validation & testing

We Help.

Application Modernization Services
Product Owners to
Pursue digital transformation with ease, have future proof agility integrated, ensure customer satisfaction at every stage.
Application Modernization Services
With Our Unique Methodologies
Test modernization techniques, approach curated & aligned to business goals, to retain & augment the core functionalities to suit the core business process.
Come Partner With Us
Azilen with over a decade long experience delivering numerous enterprise application modernization projects successfully has eminently prevailed over the most challenging hurdles and helped its customers across the globe to thrive in the competitive markets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Still have Questions?

Top FAQs Around Our Application Modernization Services.

Application or software modernization can help organizations stay competitive, reduce technical debt, enhance security, improve scalability, and provide a better user experience. It enables the utilization of the latest technologies to meet evolving business requirements.

Our application modernization services cover a range of activities, including legacy system assessment, technology migration, user interface redesign, data migration, cloud adoption, and overall modernization strategy development.

Signs that your application may need modernization include slow performance, outdated user interfaces, security vulnerabilities, difficulty integrating with new technologies, and challenges in meeting current business requirements.

Yes, our application modernization services are technology-agnostic. We have experience modernizing applications built on various platforms and using different technologies, ensuring a tailored approach based on your specific needs.

The process begins with a comprehensive assessment of your existing application, followed by strategy development, planning, execution, and ongoing support. The specific steps depend on the unique requirements of your project.

Yes, we specialize in cloud migration services as part of our application modernization services. We can assess your current infrastructure, plan a seamless migration to the cloud, and optimize your applications for cloud environments.

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