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V Partner.

We dive in deep into your business to bring value, versatility to create a sustainable business momentum. Strategic alliances that leverage partner’s capabilities have become the primary mode of growth for many companies. Azilen endorses the idea of strategic collaboration where the partners can join forces to expand their product and service offerings, new products, enter new markets, strengthen skills and expertise, to boost and bring value to the customers. This engagement does not only enable Azilen to drive proactive product growth strategy management but also help undertake ownership in achieving the outcomes that assures exponential upward trajectory to the direction of mutual business growth.
Most suitable for:
  • Engagement with a sustainable long term strategic business plan

The Turnkey Way.

This model is suitable for customers with well-defined requirements and project schedules who are looking for collaborations with precise beginnings and endings, while several alternatives are being examined. Normally, this model requires a well-defined SRS (Software Requirement Specification) document from the customer which has all the technical aspects set (technology platforms, database model or software architecture).
Most suitable for:
  • Well defined & scoped project execution
  • End to end with requiring minimal client intervention in development life cycle
  • Distributed environment to execute product and technology roadmaps


We invest in our client relationships almost as a venture capitalist. This entrepreneurial mindset allows us to stretch beyond the statement of work, put our skin in the game and add value through ideathons and rapid prototyping. We help de-risk your product development journey by ensuring the company’s product delivery milestones are met and that the company is ready for new rounds of financing.
Most suitable for:
  • Startup disruptors with unique business value

Strategic Delivery Unit.

Through this model, Azilen transcends software development from a method and process-driven standpoint to managing relationships that are flexible, tailored and focused on the client’s business objectives. Azilen sets up an offshore software development delivery center for its clients to help obtain the experience of operating as its own office. This model has several distinct advantages. This includes a dedicated workspace, a scalable team, and a designated infrastructure that covers a comprehensive set of hardware, software and other tools. Azilen has set up successful engagements under this model that have reduced significant risk and the software development costs for several of its clients.
Most suitable for:
  • Enterprises seeking increased levels of productivity & profitability
  • Enabling hassle free remote governance & ownership