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We are a team of
PRO Engineers,
Building World-Class Software Products!

Initially started in 2009, Azilen Technologies was established with a motive of developing world class products. Over the years Azilen has been empowering product engineering companies with core expertise in HR tech, hospitality, retail and fintech.
After a span of 12 years, we have realized and successfully implemented the change in mindset, attitude, work culture and expectations in our team. At Azilen, we accept nothing below excellence and that is represented in our new tagline “Engineering Excellence”. We centralize all our expertise, to implement world class products with engineering excellence. We are passionate not just with completion of our projects but with successful implementation of our projects.
We would successfully chart out our journey from engineering to PROengineering with an ultimate goal of product success. With this new phase of Azilen, we are now more than 400+ of us, calling ourselves We are #PROengineers and ready to leave our footprints on the product development ecosystem.

How We Evolved as A Brand

With the evolution of its corporate identity, the new branding derives synergies from the cosmic forces of the planetary bodies in space. Crafting our best Engineering services from the example of Mother Nature, the logo is derived from the eternal balance between gravitational and centrifugal forces, in our case, value innovation and engineering excellence. Establishing the qualities of being Bold, Dynamic, and Vibrant always geared up to invent and innovate, the new Azilen brand identity revives the traditional ways of Engineering.
We reflect our character of Engineering Excellence by being more Agile, Disruptive, and Collaborative, bringing forth the NextGen of Engineering, the innovative, modern and professional, The PROengineering.

Summing up Azilen.

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Value System.



Adding Value


At Azilen, we believe in the concept of mutualism, where we and our technology partners have grown together with each other, for each other. Applying our motto of “Engineering Excellence” at every step, we want to constantly innovate to better product engineering every day. Together we strive towards building a stronger ecosystem with our partnership portfolio to develop sustainable solutions for a better tomorrow.

Recognition is what
keeps us going.