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Strategic innovation with a blend of technology is all, that is needed for your business to be on it...
Place where creativity meets technology. An experience carved with engaging customer journey.
Strong technical foundation, flexible and adaptable to ever changing business needs.
Technology enablement for sustainable product development.​
We foster your product, midst of the world where change is the only constant.
Ensuring quality is an intrinsic feature of your product.​

Key Industries.

Our cross-industry experience spans around a unique perspective we bring to our client relationships.
We build products for Hire to
Retire lifecycle in HR TECH.
Simplest yet breakthrough insurance
solutions for complex workflows

Clients Speak.

The Azilen team helped develop a complex cross-platform mobile application. We were more than happy with the professional project management and transparent communication. Scoping and implementation were as easy as working with local staff. The results delivered were always on time and of high quality. We look forward to working with Azilen on our next project.

Jona Boeddinghaus
COO | Gradient Zero​

We appreciate our relationship with Azilen. We are just getting going, ClearingBid is going to democratize the IPO market for all, this is where Azilen has helped and played an important role with us. For a big vision, we did not have a design team to start, so number of our solutions were driven by Azilen. I want to give a big shout out the structured product management skills and the necessary follow up efforts from the team.

Matt Venturi​
CEO | ClearingBid Inc.​

We are extremely satisfied with the competence technical expertise that Azilen has shown us, this is combined with great customer service.

Svend Bøe​
CEO | Veng Norge​

Our Clients.

News & Insights.

Azilen Technologies has been recognized by as one of the leading software development companies in Canada for the year 2023, securing a spot within the top 100.

Lavina Ramkissoon, a conscious creator with expertise in psychology, technology, and economics, steps into the Azilen Team as Advisory Member to fuel Azilen’s ongoing commitment to humanizing technology and actively serving as a growth enabler for thriving African digital economy with the perfect blend of cutting-edge technologies like AI, Blockchain, IoT and the finest software product engineering tactics, powered
Saturday morning, light drizzle, low mercury, and gusty cold winds!  The weather on the day of our FinTech meetup conspired against our commitment to discuss, learn, and share all-thing FinTech for 120 uninterrupted minutes. Despite the inclement weather, the Azilen team, speakers, and attendees remained undeterred in their commitment to the meetup. And their tenacity and passion paid off
An interesting panel discussion with HR Tech evangelists exploring HRDT 5.0 The industry of Human Resources is in the middle of a significant transformation toward process automation and digitization. All the traditional means of managing HR Ops have been challenged to their maximum extent and hence have given birth to Digital Transformation. That is why

Revolutionize your HR process with automated employee onboarding. Simplify paperwork, save time, and welcome new hires seamlessly. Explore the benefits now!

Discover what is Clojure used for, its features, what sets it apart, and real-world success stories of Clojure development.

Explore the cinematic side of our workflow orchestration services. Dive into iconic movie lines and uncover their role in optimizing business processes.

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