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BYOD Digital Menu Application
Spoonzo is B2C BYOD solution specially developed for Hospitality industry. It is aimed to replace paper menus with an interactive application for Restaurants, cafés, Pubs & Bars. Users with Spoonzo in their smart phones can get the entire menu of restaurant and much more, just by scanning QR code placed on the table. Spoonzo gives businesses the opportunity to increase market presence and directly connect with guests using mobile as a medium.

Technical Highlights

  • Native iOS/Android based BYOD application.
  • Instance based server optimization reducing server utilization during non-peak hours.
  • Payment Gateway & Social Media integration.
  • POS & Kitchen Monitor integration.
  • Back end – Customized backend for managing end to end details of users and menu.
  • Optimized combination of NoSQL(MongoDB) & MySQL.
  • Interactive UI/UX designs.
  • Highly scalable architecture.
  • Capable to support 50 million users.


Consumer Expereience

  • Easy and impressive menu navigation and food selection.
  • Customized search and filter.
  • Direct order from guest's own smartphones.
  • Quick call for various services.
  • Have your patrons rate your dishes and experience and share it on social platforms to spread your popularity..
  • Saving favorite dishes, sharing reviews, suggestions and referrals.
  • Loyalty & Rewards.

Tools & Technologies

Business Benefits

  • Attractive visual display of dishes.
  • Menus would be handy with guests on their own devices.
  • Rating & Feedback can be shared by guests with impressive UI/UX.
  • Live analytics of the order pattern.
  • Promoting venue through viral connect on Facebook.
  • Connect & Engage closely with Guests.

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