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Managing Demonstration with Ease of Control on Distant Devices and Content
The client deals with software which could give result to various tasks such as distribution of messages or collecting valuable information from customers. Based in the US, the client implements the technique of content publishing as well as interaction platforms for tablets, digital screens at physical locat ions.

Further, client also spread its roots to the sectors like educations, survey collection, banking sectors, digital sector, marketing sectors and more. The concept of client is based upon cloud service platform, where it could control devices, content and interactions remotely.


To create an presentation platform that could be used in various sectors

Editor contain constituent like text, video, images, shapes, chart, survey

There are several non-integrated online presentation, survey and chart editors in the market.

Editor has to contain development mode, ruler , vector alignment ,drag and drop facility along with site navigation on either sides


  • Upon detailed analysis and research, we have come up with socialite and flexible solution i.e., to integrate all non-integrated editors into single editor. However, editor has all related tools and elements of presentation, survey and chart.
  • Moreover, editor also supports reveal JavaScript feature while import and export of the data. Control of end customer presentations will be with creator. With the help of reveal feature user will be able to include horizontal and vertical slides in editor.

Benefits for the solution

Basic Template

Presentation Security

Able to create and showcase live charts

Create and showcase interactive survey

Easy manageable and control of presentation

Tools & Technologies

Benefits for the business

  • An Editor will be covered with all types of audience in the market
  • Easy to publish and manage audience's product in-store marketing messages remotely
  • Collect real time data from customers touch point
  • Beneficial for companies that use digital devices in physical locations to interact with customers

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