Engagement Model
Fixed Price Model
Time and Material
Codevelopment Model
Dedicated Team Model

Fixed Price Model

Azilen offers a customer-centric engagement model for project with clearly defined scopes and specific deadlines. This fixed price IT engagement model allows us to offer our customers a pre specified price for the project, which is based on a complete estimation of efforts required in development, optimization and quality assurance processes. For projects with a timeline of 1 to 3 months, this business engagement model has proven to be highly effective.

Time & Material

For projects that do not have clearly specified scopes and timelines, Azilen offers the T&M model. This customer-centric engagement model allows maximum variation in project scope while still ensuring little variation in overall project cost. We offer our customers the option of picking between hourly, weekly, or monthly plans to employ our services for their projects. Our Time & Material model puts a proven and competent management in place to analyze and observe the progress of the project.

Co-development: (Shared Cost & Revenue)

In the event of shared interests, often companies will come together to co-develop a project. Azilen provides a co-development IT engagement model to help streamline the development and cost process for projects with shared interests. Take advantages of our customer-centric engagement model to work on a promising idea while remaining competitive and working in a more coordinated manner with your new partners. This shared cost and revenue business engagement model facilitates the sharing of all financial responsibilities and rewards accurately and mutually.

Dedicated Team Model

Minimize costs and enhance productivity with our virtual worker outsourcing services, This business engagement model is best suited for companies with long term requirements that use a well-defined set of technologies. We remotely meet all IT needs of your company and its consumer base with our dedicated team working under your direct supervision. Get benefits from greater agility, and increased control over the resources you allot to your customer support program.

Like the way you understand your business, we understand your specific IT needs very well. At Azilen, we equally lay emphasis on designing the perfect engagement model for your business. Here, the size, sector and many other factors of your business come into play. Keeping these in mind we suggest you what suits you the best.