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Waiterpad Android Application for Hospitality Industry

Our client is one of the leading software firms based in Russia providing integrated software solutions and innovative order management systems across Russia.

Our client needed us to develop a Waiterpad Android Application which could replace the paper based ordering systems with a tablet based application which can manage the end to end process starting from restaurant table management to bill processing and guests checking out of the restaurant.

The application features an integrated solution between the payroll system, the kitchen and waiter who takes down the orders through the application, it also makes intelligent suggestions depending on the customer’s previous orders and regulates the daily operations systematically.

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Solution Provided

Waiterpad application helps the captain to manage the orders at three different areas simultaneously: POS (Point of Sale), Kitchen Monitor and Customer Area (escalating customer to available table, taking orders, giving suggestions, etc.) making the job of a caption east and with utmost perfection.

  • Gracefully escalates the guests to free table
  • Intuitive screen to get complete information about the table free, occupied and guests requests at the occupied tables
  • Saves huge amount of time and enhances service efficiency in turn boosting customer experience
  • Increases precision in giving suggestions about food items on customer’s order as per their choice and likes
  • Enhanced consonance between various roles within the restaurant with accuracy in accounts as well as billing.
Waiterpad App
Waiterpad App


  • Engineered User Experience and visuals of restaurant table status: Free, Allotted, Guests Request
  • Push Notifications for engaging closely with the guests and their requests
  • Graceful way of managing restaurant guests and their orders
  • Easy way of switching the work among the captains
  • Application security by locking the screen
  • Inbuilt restaurant menu for browsing and placing order

Technology Insights

  • Operating System: Android
  • Language: Java
  • Database: Microsoft SQLlite
  • Web Technologies: Microsoft .NET and JSON

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