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Enhanced HTML for creating Single Page Applications

Caters your unique web development workflow and feature needs with extended HTML vocabulary. The ‘Model-View-Whatever’ framework for your interactive web applications


AngularJS - Adding Automated Controls

Adding Automated Controls

AngularJS - Wiring up Backend

Wiring up Backend

AngularJS - Creating Customized Components

Creating Customized Components

AngularJS - Built-In Testability

Built-In Testability

AngularJS Solutions

AngularJS Development
Solution Spotlight
  • Plain JavaScript: Angular models are plain old JavaScript objects that makes code easier to test, maintain reuse and free from boilerplate
  • Server Communication: AngularJS offers built-in services on the top of XHR along with other backend using third party libraries.
  • Testable: AngularJS encourages behavior-view separation that is pre-bundled with mocks and takes full advantage of dependency injection.

Case Studies

Analytics and ETL based BI Solutions
Web-Based Platform to Manage and Automate Event Management Services
Warehouse Management System
Warehouse Management System

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