A Team Page Tells Story of Real Faces
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  by Editorial Team  June 19, 2014

A Team Page Tells Story of Real Faces

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In the web industry, the persons behind the organization are as crucial as the organization itself. Why not then have devoted places to demonstrate your fantastic team and let them shine?

Team Page” is an excellent way to humanizing your organization and displaying the real faces behind your corporate. “Team Page” is very popular among web designers, users and organizations. This page is a very useful inclusion to any website where user interaction is very essential part of the market. It contributes a personal get in touch with the organization and can give trust to users.

You can find various types of about us/team page which contains the details of their employees. There are actual faces behind the names and it becomes the “Real” organization to the users, rather than just another site and it will help to build reliability of your brand.

Adding details of your employees on your website is a simple yet effective way to stand out, your brand in the mind of your potential clients. A well designed and creative “Team Page” can create the difference between new business query or dropping a prospective new client.

Some of the best illustrations of “Team Page”, include the following elements:

  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Social Connection
  • User Biography with Photos
  • Unique and Humorous Features
  • Expanded Profiles

At Azilen, we apply more innovative and always look for new methods to improve the user experience, we are progressively switching to tell stories in design styles. We are also illustrating the user in a more effective manner that makes for a more engaging experience.

Personality has started to consist of as the most important factor in modern web design style. It’s powerful and highly effective to assist companies and brands to humanize themselves, hence associating at a more personal level with their targeted users and customers. All this means more individuals seeking to buy, so higher earnings adhere to, too, normally.

Personality let your brand to tell an excellent tale, too. With this concept in mind, on Azilen website, you can find that under the site’s “Team Page”, all the employees are highlighted, but it’s quite different from other about us or team pages. All employees are shown in smiling faces, but when you hover the cursor on each picture, you get a surprise: a different & attractive pose from each employee! It attracts to get to know more about the employees and their expertise. Also, there expertise / designation is twisted in an innovative name and the “Team page” tells users how informal and comfortable the corporate lifestyle is at Azilen Technologies.

Telling the story through creative visuals is a powerful and efficient way to get things across. There is no surprise that, at long last, this strategy is capturing on the design world. The more that companies and brands see how attractive this strategy is, the more you will see websites incorporating this strategy.

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