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Digital Recruitment Assistant

As of 2019, Recruitment & Staffing industry in the U.S. alone contributes to a total of 151.8 billion dollars. With the increasing demand for Talent, AI plays a vital role to automate the recruitment processes & discover new ways for Talent Hiring. Azilen being a proficient HR Tech innovator furnished a DRA (Digital Recruitment Assistant) that makes the complicated & time-consuming processes much simpler & faster. DRA aims to improve the overall candidate experience while reducing administration time and tasks for recruiters.

Business Scenario

The customer based in the U.S. is a recruitment industry veteran providing smart & reliable hiring solutions across varied industry sectors. The customer desired to implement a conversational tool that handles the preliminary aspects of the recruitment process and at the same time endorse a personalized experience to the Jobseekers.

Azilen implemented a DRA solution that helps the recruiter to find the right candidate for the job by simultaneously interacting with hundreds to thousands of job seekers. This solution aims to speed up the recruitment cycle with a focus on quality hiring and the generation of deep insights with AI & NLP.


  • Ensure Volume-based hiring
  • Flexible Plug n Play
  • NLP Powered Conversation
  • Recruiter's Performance Tracking
  • Configurable APIs for 3rd Party Integration

The Solution

The large volume of hiring requests and pressure scenarios to close the job position makes the recruiter 's life complicated. The modern world poses a situation similar to 'trying to find a needle in a haystack to choose the right candidate.

Digital Recruitment Assistant (DRA) has been proven to be the one-stop solution for all of the recruiter's needs. This tool functions without any human intervention to contact job seekers, store data, analyze their interactions and generate detailed conversational insights

The DRA uses Conversational AI to provide human-like interaction to Job seekers during their chat interaction. This multipurpose tool delivers output in various forms such as:

  • Talent Pool Creation
  • Candidate Shortlisting
  • Pre-screening
  • Interview Scheduling

Key Highlights

Employee Behavior Mapping

Sentiment Analysis

Data backed insights

Advanced Machine Learning

Smart surveys and Feedback

Thought Leadership

In the booming recruitment era, technology has equally advanced to the point where it feels comfortable for recruiters to take their hands off the traditional wheel and let the bots take care of the administrative assignments. Artificial Intelligence, coupled with human expertise and supervision provides the best results for Chatbots to interact in real time with top-of-the-funnel job seekers. The modern AI based bots:

  • Reduce Hiring cost and time
  • Eliminate the unconscious Recruiters bias
  • Automate the Tedious Tasks & Improve candidate experience

The core components of the DRA include:

  • Bot Configuration Framework: An interface for the recruitment team to create & publish Bots with specific skills for every new job opening.
  • NLP Engine: Intelligently determine the conversation flow to follow-up questions based on Jobseekers input.
  • Chat Widget: Interface for candidates to chat with the DRA & view respective recruiter's information alongside.

Unique DRA Elements:

1. API Gateway

  • Flexible Integration with multiple ATS
  • Real-time data exchange
  • Dynamic API Configuration – Mapping request and response parameters

2. Chrome Extensions

  • One-click Bot Sharing
  • Integration with Networking Portal such as LinkedIn, Dice, Monster, etc.
  • Automated Candidate Details Retrieval

Also, recruiting managers were able to track the performance of the team and analyze the quality of candidates on various matrices. The chat transcription was securely stored that would be utilized in future to introduce advanced functionality such as sentiment analysis, word cloud, derive candidate trends and much more.

The key functional features of this solution include the following :

1. Recruitment

  • Team Creation & Management
  • Org. Wide Reporting
  • Design Bot Templates
  • Bot Creations & Management
  • Intent Training
  • Interaction Support: Text | Open-Ended | Calendar | File upload | Radio Button | Check Box | Audio | Video
  • Publish Bot via Multiple Channels
  • View and Analyse Candidate Response
  • ATS Integration via API Gateway

2. Candidate:

  • Chat Widget
  • Text, Audio, Video Interaction
  • Receive Conversation Transcript
  • View Recruiter Details

Salient Characteristic

NLP Engine & Intent Training

Custom API Gateway

Multitenant Architecture

3rd Party Integrations

White labelled solution

Cloud-based SaaS Solution




Candidates Prescreened


Bots Configured