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Career Profiling and Transitioning with AI- based Guided Platform

Azilen worked with one of its clients in the employee experience industry to develop a Career Profiling and Transition Platform through an AI-enabled guide engine. The aim was to address one of the key pain points of businesses, namely, providing Personalized Guidance and Mentoring.

Azilen Technologies, HR Software Development for Personalized Guidance and Mentoring

Business Scenario

A Canada-based software product company in the employee engagement space had the vision to build a Career Profiling and Transition platform as their flagship product offering for Fortune 500 companies and workforce development organizations.

Azilen joined hands on this product development journey to add value to this digital platform with its experience in employee engagement.

Key Highlights

Real-Time Reporting

Configurable Features

Unbiased Recommendations

Multiple Integrations

End-to-End Career Transition Support

Multi Geo and Multi Industry Support

Augmented Sprint Cycles

Agile Execution


  • Manage multiple tenants & customizations
  • Constantly maintain Algorithm as per market data
  • Multiple integrations – Job boards, Assessments, L&D providers


The Career Profiling and Transition platform was a SaaS-based multi-tenant solution developed to serve multiple corporates and their employees.

The platform allowed the enterprise organizations and their HR operations and L&D teams to effectively plan, organize, and manage their Internal Mobility and Outplacement programs engagingly.

The platform made it possible for enterprise firms and their L&D and HR operations teams to improve and enhance overall functioning through:

  • Personalized and Unbiased Career Profiling and Transition Path
  • Custom Assessments and L&D Plans
  • Mapping Right Fit Mentor- Mentee
Azilen Technologies, HR Software Development for Personalized Guidance and Mentoring

Collaborative Product development

For the last four years, Azilen and the client have been in collaboration for modular enhancement and upgradation of the platform. Both the teams are completely aligned with a common product vision and insight on the upcoming product backlog.

Azilen acts as a remotely augmented team complementing the skillset, experience and technologies to expand the product development capacity. Teams follow common best practices of Product Life Cycle Management (PLM), sync-up on DSMs (Daily Stand-ups) and an agreed Sprint plan to develop independent modules & new functionalities.

Thought Leadership

As part of the 2023 European Year of Skills, the European Commission will encourage a focus on opportunities and initiatives related to upskilling to ‘enable a workforce with the right skills’ and boost Europe’s competitiveness

Upskilling and reskilling are core enablers for professional enhancements. Companies with disengaged employees experience 18% more turnover than those who don’t.

If technology can guide employees for jobs from upskilling to reskilling it’s a WIN-WIN for both job seekers and organizations.

Functional Components

The functional blueprint of the solution that caters to variety of users across the organization and the modular landscape is depicted below.

Azilen Technologies, HR Software Development for Personalized Guidance and Mentoring

Core functional building blocks for the digital R & R platform are:

Azilen Technologies, HR Software Development for Personalized Guidance and Mentoring

Technology Excellence

The platform is a SaaS platform made to be used by multiple clients. Azilen and the client decided to use libraries that are open source so that once the product reaches a certain level - it will be handling clients simultaneously.

Imagine if those components are licensed-based, then the client needs to pay a recurring heavy amount in terms of licensing. Below are the two focus areas where open-source is preferred:

Infrastructure-as-a-code: Pulumi

  • Language Support: TypeScript, Go, .NET, Python, Java, and markup languages (YAML, CUE).
  • Import code from other IaC tools
  • 60+ leading cloud providers and modern cloud SaaS offerings support
  • Run using CLI commands or Automation API

UI Components: Storybook

  • Powered by Component Story Format, an open standard based on JavaScript ES6 modules
  • Develop a component variation in isolation, and save it as a story
  • Export story as JS for re-usability
  • Compatible with your continuous integration workflow
  • Test UIs with less effort and no flakes


Labor market data sources


Job Titles




Live Users

Azilen Technologies, HR Software Development for Personalized Guidance and Mentoring