Cloud Based Enterprise Food Ordering Solution for Hospitality Industry | iOS | Android | Case Study
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eMenu Enhance Your Dining Experience With Touch Screen

eMenu – the highly acclaimed tablet based menu, works seamlessly as a digital menu ordering solution, eliminating the time customers have to wait for placing orders to waiters. This cloud-based Electronic menu system has altogether changed the vista of dining experience for customers in Hotels, Cafés, Pubs, Bars and Airports. With its interactive touch screen menu on iOS or Android tablet present on each table or bar, it provides customers a complete range of informative Menu. Now customers can enjoy interacting with eMenu, with mouth-watering pictures of the cuisines, detailed descriptions and practically no waiting time! For the hospitality industry, eMenu has proven as a valuable business strategy, greatly benefitting business performance & profitability.

Product Highlights

  • 24/7 online access to information.
  • Tablet friendly design supporting iOS and Android tablets.
  • End to end ordering integration.
  • Accepts debit or credit cards via secured payment gateways.
  • Enables one-touch payment through payment gateway.
  • Get notification for waiters from eMenu by integrated pagers.

Functional Solution

Technical Highlights

Customer experience and process automation is of utmost importance for a solution catering to the hospitality sector. In order to achieve a modern-day solution, a technology upgrade was inevitable and was equally important for scaling the platform for future requirements, which was holistically ingrained with a Cloud driven approach.

Cloud driven Modernization Journey:

The initial version was developed using Adobe Air and its backend using .Net Stack which was transformed with native mobile technologies and Angular based framework to match the latest technology advancements in the industry. This new solution was equipped with dynamic UI, integrated backend eco-system and cloud compatibility.

  • A unique approach was executed to build a solution that served both - operational & analytical needs by using domain driven design & maintained extensible data properties
  • Our platform architecture helped in relieving and eventually replacing the on-premise manual ordering load, leading to cost savings in an agile environment
  • Understanding the growing performance requirements, a native mobile framework was developed which was integrated with PoS systems and all the on-premise devices
  • The kitchen backoffice was supplemented with scalable Angular microservices architecture to easily handle all the consumer request and perform operations accordingly
  • Various AWS services were utilized to automate diverse restaurant activities and processes like service kiosks and fine-dine experience
  • Centralized database was incorporated to achieve the degree of autonomy required to be of loosely coupled nature to work in an asynchronous manner
  • Failure Tolerant & Idempotent cloud architecture was utilized to coherently implement the orchestrated framework of overall solution

Product Benefits

  • Centralized management of multiple chain operations of the hotels is feasible with Cloud features of eMenu.
  • Boost up sales by cross-selling and up-selling of slow moving food items.
  • Elevates the total sales and average order income by streamlining restaurants, pubs, and bars day to day operations.
  • Portrays high definition season special & connoisseur dishes with beautiful visuals for rapid orders.

User Benefits

  • Noticeable, palatable & informative visuals of cuisines helps in quick decision making.
  • Get to browse menu in the any language you choose to.
  • Make payment through credit and debit cards without any problems.
  • Effortless ordering process with single touch.
  • Capture guest’s paperless recorded feedback about their experience.
  • Adding more services is now a duck soup.
  • Help customer’s order drinks from bar and food from restaurant at the same time.

Solution Benefits

  • Go green by saving paper, less paperwork & reduced administration costs.
  • Increase revenue with distinguishing your current offering.
  • Helps the wait staff to concentrate on customer service rather than running to and fro for managing order.
  • Create menu items without difficulty and effortlessly manage order history.
  • Enhanced customer service by providing complete details, instructive with eye-catching menu.
  • Soaring sales prospective for catering large untouched market.
  • Quicker the services, more contented the customers.
  • Big numbers of customer retention & footfalls.