Cross Platform Mobile App for Retail Industry | Case Study
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Cross Platform Application for IoT Devices for Retail Industry

During the last decade, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been increasingly adopted across several industries including retail and healthcare. However, building an application that works parallel to IoT devices by bidirectionally communicating in real-time is a challenging task due to the involved challenges around interoperability and compatibility between hardware and software parts. In this case study, we will explore how Azilen Technologies engineered an IoT-enabled app catering to the retail industry while solving pressing business, operational and technological challenges.

Azilen Technologies, web statistics, Cross Mobile Platform Application for IoT Devices

About Client

The client is a Swiss company producing IoT devices for retail industry. The client was in need of a technology solution that enables the end user to access the real time data from the Footfall Sensing System without any technical interventions.

Business Requirement

  • An effective solution was required that can enable the end user to access real time data regardless of any network or geographical location limitations.
  • Team Azilen did not have access to actual IoT device.

The Solution

  • After adequate brainstorming, team Azilen suggested to develop a cross platform mobile app using React Native.
  • Team Azilen designed and developed the app to configure Wifi interface using Bluetooth medium of the IOT device.
  • The solution helped the user to establish the bridge between IoT device and Server simply by using mobile application without any technical interventions. Hence, the user can access the real time data of IoT device through the provided interface.
Azilen Technologies, azilen logo, Cross Mobile Platform Application for IoT Devices
  • React Native is still a young technology, hence, enough research efforts were kept to explore and integrate the Plugin compatible with both React Native and interaction with bluetooth related framework.
  • There was no access to actual IoT device, therefore, team Azilen created a Mac Bluetooth Simulator App for ideal and effective testing of Mobile Application.

Solution Benefits

  • The mobile application could scale up the potential of sensor devices and enabled them to cope with the modern trends of data analyses.
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