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Advanced Bio Data Acquisition Solution

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About Client

One of Europe's largest and oldest smart card production companies with more than 600 successful projects under their belt. They provide full range of services with primary focus on manufacturing and sales of products like smart cards, photography tools to ID solutions and access control systems.

Business Requirement

The client required an intelligent solution that could access different hardware devices from both desktop and browser independent web application.

The solution needed integration of different stand-alone applications for capturing, processing and uploading images, fingerprint scanning, ID scanning solutions and transfer of data from hardware directly to the website, presenting technological challenge.

The Solution

Azilen Technologies, azilen logo, Data Access System

To overcome this problem Azilen thoroughly studied the client's problem and presented the unique and novel solution of plugin based system- Bio Data Acquisition System.

The is an intelligent Client-Server Component that offers a website and desktop application, the service to easily address and access local resources (hardware, files, and applications) from the website and from a windows application.

The solution made accessing hardware devices (like fingerprint scanner, card reader etc.) from a remote location very easy. The user can simply log into the BAS's web application and access those devices. Not only this, they can also capture and upload the data to the website. Azilen's solution includes :

  • Multiple hardware access and data transfer using web browser.
  • Seamless integration of multiple applications.
  • Wide range of solutions for effective results like ID solution, Fingerprint scanner, Passport scanner, TWAIN functionality for accessing hardware and high speed file upload functionality. Plug-in Based Architecture for wide scalability. The plugin based architecture ensures that additional modules can be easily accommodated at later stages. Also plugin based architectureprovides flexibility i.e. to make changes in a particular plugin in future; you do not have to alterthe entire application.
  • Client-server based component model allowed easy syncing of data between multiple users.
  • The application is browser independent i.e. the web application can be run on any web browser.
  • Easy integration with third party websites.
  • Low-level functionality for flexibility and control.
  • Easy integration with both web and desktop.
  • High-level acquisition support.

Solution Benefits

  • One of a kind : A completely unique enterprise solution, that allows hardware to be accessed directly from website and data to be transferred. First of its kind in industry for the client.
  • Enhanced efficiency : Highly simplified and efficient processes allowed client to focus their manpower and resources on core business activities.
  • Scalability : Increased the business domains for client in an influential manner.
  • Multiple device support : Supports wide range of devices like Scanners, cameras, fingerprint scanning devices etc. thus highly diverse.
  • One stop solution : The client needs just one application for its varying needs so cost effective and easy to maintain.
  • Azilen Technologies, Data Access System
  • Azilen Technologies, Data Access System
  • Azilen Technologies, Data Access System
  • Azilen Technologies, Data Access System
  • Azilen Technologies, Data Access System
  • Azilen Technologies, Data Access System
  • Azilen Technologies, Data Access System
  • Azilen Technologies, Data Access System