Digitized Golfing - A Bespoke Product Journey
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Digitized Golfing - A Bespoke Product Journey

Evolution within technology has improved the accuracy, enjoyment and experiences of both athletes and spectators at sporting events. For any sporting product, effective utilization and combination of physical and digital space leads to utmost success. Golf is one of such events where Azilen has paved its way through by implementing an innovative and engaging gaming platform with tailored product lifecycle.

Azilen Technologies, web statistics, Digital Golfing a bespoke product journey

Business Scenario

The US based Client is a renowned solutions visionary leading several technological products and a golf enthusiast aiming to revolutionize golfing experience with technology. With a professional community of golfers holding strong domain knowledge in place, the lookout was for a product development partner to build this futuristic product.

Azilen undertook this task to perform comprehensive due diligence and execute an end-to-end professional golf gaming platform. This platform aimed to deliver real-life gaming experience catering to the needs of modern golfers for various golf games and forming a unified golfer’s community.

The Solution

This solution demanded unique blend of product engineering skill and at the same time gaining domain knowledge to develop an interactive and engaging gaming product.

User Experience Journey

The User Experience being a critical aspect for any customer centric product, a design strategy was formed catering to flawless interface and experience for golfers. The evolving DDD (Domain Driven Design) approach was selected for this design strategy. To address the domain and to cleave the DDD, a professional golf coach was consulted.

Also, it was ensured that these understanding of the game and processes are translated into the application, and in-turn reflecting into an interactive, intuitive and delightful product. The DDD approach enabled efficient communication between the stakeholders and the developers with keeping them on the same stand. This exerted significant impact on the User Experience at front while imparting flexibility and maintainability in the application.

This guided strategy included steps like

  • Mind mapping – Visualizing the entire scope with the discrete components, processes, actors, and event sequence forming the ecosystem, to form a structured IA.
  • White boarding – Organizing the modules and features with the hierarchical flow of the components with high level sketches.
  • Wireframing – Finalising the screen layouts and flow of the entire system with incorporating the user experience and expectation factors.
  • Prototypes and Visuals – Replicating the actual look and feel of the prospective system with the prime focus on the Brand palate, usage of various colours/font size, theme, and animations.

With the design strategy, a state-of-the-art Game Engine was devised that could augment the golfing experience. This would leverage the advanced technology for simulating the complex golf processes into an easy-to-use mobile application. This engine is deemed to be the ruling component of the system, driving the end-to-end processes.

Azilen formulated a holistic design of the entire system to deliver seamless gaming experience. The development of this system was proposed in 2 phases covering the Development Journey.

  • Phase 1: Market Go Live with basic features to get the golfers hooked on the app
  • Phase 2: Feature and Technology based advancement and UX innovation
Azilen Technologies, azilen logo, Digital Golfing a bespoke product journey

The above diagram depicts a holistic view of the entire platform delivering a seamless balance of mobile device interaction and gaming. Golfers are able to play different golf games with multiple players and also, they can initiate a challenge to other local or remote player on same or different golf course.

Supported Golf Games

Nassau | Skins | Stableford | Stroke Play | Dots | Team Play

Thought Leadership

Investment to create a seamless customer-centric experience that maximize speed, efficiency and reduce friction in the customer journey is the top-notch priority for any product. Along with these traits, advancement within mobile (especially Pay to Play) gaming and number of golf enthusiast is booming at exponential rate. This growing trend demands a product with innovations and customization that features:

  • Appealing User Experience & Interface
  • Prominent Monetization Strategy
  • Splendid User Acquisition Plan

Salient Characteristics

The Game Engine remain as the core of the entire platform directing the wagering and business rules. The wagering engine dynamically calculates the scores at the end of each game and deposits the Golf Companion Token into the winning player’s account

Some of the salient characteristics of the platform are:

  • Voice based Smart Commands for accepting challenges from remote players, sending messages, and much more.
  • Integration with Wearable Devices providing hands-free playing experience.
  • Integration with Smart Sensor for tracking the golf shots and generating analytics.
  • Virtual Course Maps for assisted golf shots.
  • Celebrity Challenge to play with well know golfers.
  • Community & Forums for golf enthusiast to connect and collaborate.
  • Dynamic calculation of players par values, handicap index, hole-by-hole challenge status, and much more.
  • In-App Shop to spend the earned golf companion tokens.
  • Integration with Payment Gateway to purchase additional Golf Companion Tokens.
  • Robust User Experience
  • Microservice Architecture
  • Payment Security
  • Monitoring & Crash analytics

Core Functionalities

The core functionalities of this application include:

Mobile Application:

  • Game Challenge (Local & Remote)
  • Tournament Management
  • Location Based Insights
  • Wagering (Pre game & hole-by-hole)
  • Player Analytics
  • Custom Golf Companion Wallet & Tokens
  • Smart Score Board
  • Golfers Community
  • Personalized Notifications & Alerts
  • Winners Prediction

Backend Engine:

  • Geofencing
  • Payment Processing
  • Promotional Engine
  • Dynamic Business Rules Engine
  • iGolf & USGA Data integration


Golf Wagering



User within 3 Months of Launch


Golf Companion Token Transactions

  • Azilen Technologies, Digital Golfing a bespoke product journey
  • Azilen Technologies, Digital Golfing a bespoke product journey
  • Azilen Technologies, Digital Golfing a bespoke product journey
  • Azilen Technologies, Digital Golfing a bespoke product journey
  • Azilen Technologies, Digital Golfing a bespoke product journey