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E-learning Application For Medical And Paramedical Students

About Client

The client is a German company focused on providing innovative educational technology tools to students of various medical and paramedical branches. The client was in need of a solution that effectively helps students in regular learning as well as exam oriented preparation.

Business Requirement

  • The client had an existing application with several functional and UI limitations. The client wanted to have exceptionally interesting and active user interface.
  • The client had multiple servers to manage user data and content data. Because of these multiple servers, the client used to face few major data management issues.
  • At the times of each version upgrade, the application used to encounter some technical issues and students were facing hindrance.
  • The client wanted add some innovative features to the application so that it can support both systematic routine coaching and specific exam centric preparation in a result oriented manner.

The Solution

  • After the thoughtful analysis of existing application in a futuristic manner, team Azilen came up with an idea of developing a resourceful iOS mobile application from scratch with better technical and functional capabilities.
  • An above expectation User Interface is created for straightforward and remarkable User Experience
  • Due to existing database and dataflow, disturbing the setup of existing servers was not advisable. Hence, simply a middleware server using MongoDB as database is deployed. This middleware server maintains automated periodical sync with other servers.
  • Realm Database is used so that the iOS application can work Offline as well.
  • It was found that data migration issues were responsible version upgrade related hindrances. Hence, those issues are sorted at coding level.
  • Following innovative functionalities are implemented after working on them from scratch such as :
    • Compartment (Total five compartments) : Depending of the scores of mock test, this feature enables the student to practice specific test questions repeatedly.
    • Quiz
    • Challenge
  • The student can use the app in two modes, Exam Mode and Learning Mode to study the syllabus encompassing various forms of contents such as text, audio, video and graphics using ultra advance features.
  • Apple Payment Gateway is integrated for flexible price models of the application contents.

Solution Benefits

  • The multifaceted iOS learning application made the learning process more result oriented, knowledge gaining and enjoyable for students.