Enterprise Application for Smart Card Production Company with Common Framework |.Net Development | Case Study
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Enterprise Solution for Smart Card Production System

About Client

One of Europe's largest and oldest smart card production companies with more than 600 successful projects under belt. They provide full range of card services with primary focus on production and printing of plastic cards.

Business Requirement

  • For its electronic card production system there were various different stand-alone applications which could not be integrated with each other, leading to difficulty in managing work and sync it, resulting in increase process complexity and reduced efficiency.
  • A need was there to develop a complete enterprise application with a common framework that takes data from multiple modules and integrate it, thus providing smooth integration and a common interface.

The Solution

  • Create a Robust Flexible Base Framework.
  • Enterprise solution facility for offline mode.
  • Creation of a scripting engine.
  • Access Control with user groups.
  • Seamless Integration of multiple applications.
  • Plug-in Based Solution.
  • Simple and customizable UI through usability engineering.
  • Implemented on various interface including mobile, web, etc.
  • Complete automation from design and production to dispatch.
  • Highly efficient data detection algorithm.

Solution Benefits

  • A distinct, first of its kind enterprise solution allowed client to exponentially capture a completely new market.
  • Enhanced administration was a major necessity in these systems, which got incorporated due to customizable platform which integrates all applications into one.
  • 80% reduction in errors, as manual processes got eliminated.
  • Increased the business domains for the client in a influential manner.
  • Highly simplified and efficient processes allowed client to focus their manpower and resources on core business activities.
  • With facility to provide inputs from web, mobile along with desktop applications, target audience was increased.