Cloud Based Enterprise Food Ordering Solution for Hospitality Industry |Native Application | iOS | Android | Case Study
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Cloud-based Food Ordering Solution for Restaurants

About Client

Foodipto is an enterprise solution intended to replace the standard (paper) menu in restaurants with new, digital menu. Foodipto aims to make ordering for customers and operations for restaurant owners both fun and value delivering. Foodipto is an interactive touch screen menu, visualized on a iPad or Android tablet located on each table or bar, offering customers a full range of ordering and interactive entertainment services, it also has important administrative capabilities hosted on cloud server that enable you to easily incorporate existing company branding and workflow into a powerful food ordering platform. Foodipto enables you to drastically change your profitability and the way you serve customers. The application is focused on making the very best customer experience as possible. It does this through a highly intuitive, convenient and natural customer-facing interface. Foodipto offers the business owner flexibility and a stronger selling tool than a printed menu.

Business Requirement

  • Save paper, reduced paperwork; lower administration costs and easy, no-cos.
  • Improved customer service by providing more details,informative and attractive menu.
  • Increased revenue by ability to encourage cross sales, up sales and impulse buying.
  • Opportunity to add advertisement to have an additional revenue channel.
  • Have your patrons rate your dishes and experience and share it on social platforms to spread your popularity.
  • Helps to collect feedback and increase overall customer satisfaction.
  • Highlight your restaurant's events with separate sections for showcasing them.
  • Highly scalable backend architecture which can be hosted on cloud or on premise.
  • Native application on iOS and Android which are compatible with multiple form factors and screen.
  • Instance based server allocation to optimize the server utilization during non-peak hours.
  • Powerful content management system to meet highly dynamic customization needs of restaurant.
  • End to end ordering by having integrating with 3 party POS systems.
  • One touch payment using payment gateway integration.
  • Wi-Fi watch integration.

Solution Benefits

  • After intensive analysis of the client’s idea, and numerous brainstorming sessions, Azilen proposed a solution which would effectively fulfil the client request. The solution would allow the business owners of the area to create their accounts on the platform and map their social media accounts within this platform. Hence, all their marketing campaigns going around on multiple social media websites (viz. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) would all be collected over the cloud and pushed onto the B2C mobile application via beacons.
  • While the mobile users would interact with the business owners via their smartphones, all the transactions would be captured and processed on the cloud to provide the B2B customers with real time data analytics and reports. This solution would help the entire area to grow with advanced technology, as the businesses would identify their markets better, and the consumers would benefit as well using their smartphones.