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Azilen has been a pioneer in implementing HR Tech solutions across industry by empowering business performance through integration of people & technology. We comprehend the need of modern enterprises & deliver a consumer grade experience for the entire workforce.

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Business Scenario

The customer is a leading workforce management solution provider, with over 20+ years of experience. They offer end to end rostering solutions catering some of their most popular clients across the globe.

The customer collaborated with Azilen to revamp its legacy application to an advanced workforce management system.

Azilen undertook the assignment to rebuild the platform with latest UI / UX technology trends, and scalable enterprise platform catering to mid size to large segments.


  • Architecture-Driven Modernization
  • AI Driven Product Transformation
  • Cloud Migration
  • Optimized Workforce Planning


The customer has been looking for a technology partner to conduct an entire product modernization for their legacy system with obsolete technology and provide a remodeled user experience.

Customer collaborated with Azilen as their product development partner to implement an enterprise level workforce management system.

Key Highlights

Industry Independent

Future Ready Solution

Intelligent AI/ML Capabilities

Responsive Mobile & Web App.

Enterprise Level Scalability

Advanced Analytics

Technical Audit

The Collaboration was initiated with Azilen conducting "Technical Audit" to review the current system documentation, architectural plan & study the codebase.

  • System Architecture
  • Codebase Observations
  • Cyclomatic Complexity Metrices
  • System Performance Measures
  • Usability & Testability
  • Component Reusability
  • Conclusion & Transition Plan

Enterprise Architecture Design

The core architectural design and implementation activities were performed iteratively with a tailored implementation strategy to understand the client’s business requirement and address the same into the new-age architecture:

  • Multi-tier architecture design and approach based on the industry trend assessment
  • Dedicated business use cases within presentation layer, application processing and data management to function entire workforce management solution as a whole
  • Logical structuring mechanism for the codebase
  • Comprehensive Roster mgmt with seamless connection of the frontend and backend components
  • Easy debugging and maintenance for the workforce mgmt platform
  • Future-ready architecture design to support advanced capabilities such as RPA, AI/ML etc.

Thought Leadership

Today's economic and competitive market depicts that the basis of an organizations success always depends on quality of their workforce, no matter the scale or industry type they are operating.

Hence, a single, integrated approach is required that can :

Increase Operational Agility and Productivity | Reduce Financial and Non-compliance Risks | Improve Employee Morale | Controlled Labour Costs

Azilen has been engaged with the customer as their product development partner from past couple of years. We re-engineered the existing system with engaging and robust UI with agile approach for developing the solution.

A comprehensive & phased transition plan was framed considering the current & future needs of the system.

The developed solution enabled effective planning, work distribution and productivity management for Businesses like aviation, transportation, hospitality & leisure etc. with varying workforce demands, varying skillset and round the clock availability.

Schedule Management

  • Rostering & Shift Management
  • Automated Shift Scheduling
  • Schedule Optimization & Publications
  • Shift Preferences
  • Overtime Allocation & Management
  • Availability Requests

Workforce Optimization

  • Employee Self-Service
  • Time & Activity Tracking
  • Leave & Absence Management
  • Shift Interchange
  • Chat Messaging
  • Event Reminders
  • iCal Sync

AI driven Time Tracking

  • Capture Employee Image & Face Identification
  • Mapping 128 Facial Landmarks
  • Face Spoofing & Face Liveliness Check
  • Employee Clock-in/Clock-out

Speech Enabled Employee App

  • View Dashboard
  • Send & View Message/Notifications
  • Screen Navigations
  • Customized Shake Gesture

Automation Testing

Along with other features, considering the extensiveness of the system, Automation Testing was implemented to avoid cumbersome repetitive tasks. This led to an improved software quality and shortened product development life cycle.

Automation Testing Highlights :

  • Behavioral Driven Development | Cucumber Framework
  • Iterative Process : Discovery, Formulation and Automation
  • Implement an Open Source Test Case Creation Framework
  • Development of Test Engine
  • Additional Layer of Non-technical Test Case Scripts for Business Customer
  • Parallel Script Execution
  • Multiple Browsers Supports

Salient Characteristics

  • Modular Architecture
  • Unified Platform
  • Automation Testing
  • Service Oriented Architecture



Employee's Managed


Reduce WF Planning Efforts


Increase in Employee Productivity

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