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Multi-platform Student Assessment Solution for Education Institutions

The client’s primary focus is school-centric, and they have pledged themselves to deliver a high quality product to a range of educational providers, including Primary Schools and nurseries, Secondary Schools, International Schools and SEN settings. classNameroom Monitor is an online product and its main purpose is to give teachers an easy way to record pupils’ scores and targets, track their progress and record evidence of learning. The client also provides additional services, such as product training and professional development for.

About Client

The challenge is to make the product easier to access and more flexible to use, as most school classNamerooms do not have individual desktop computers. This means that teachers do not always use classNameroom Monitor in real-time to assess pupils and capture evidence of learning as it happens in the classNameroom.

Business Requirement

  • Keeping a focus on the key challenges, Azilen has added value to the product with a powerful solution. Everyone is now carrying smartphone and tablets, so we have developed a mobile application to enhance the web features and functionality of product. Along with existing web functionality, the mobile application will empower teachers to use classNameroom Monitor during lessons, with live results.
  • Now it’s faster and easier for teachers to track the pupil assessments. A huge benefit is that teachers will be able to record evidence of their pupils, such as audio clips, video and photos, live in the classNameroom. They can also record pupil attainment scores and set targets as the children work through their tasks. All of this data will be saved instantly onto the main server, saving teachers hours of time.

The Solution

  • School Management can easily create complete curriculum based on board standards.
  • Sharing Evidences to other teacher and also with parents (embedded document with audio and video).
  • Provides Sign-up/login based on School users and individual users.
  • Able to send reports to parents via E-mail.
  • Recording and managing Evidences.
  • Generate Formative Assessment.
  • View Evidences based on requirements.
  • Multiple Assessment grades based on student performance.
  • Offline data support for School users – Automatic Synchronization.
  • Easy Pupil tracking.
  • Search functionality with different.

Solution Benefits

  • Supports iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android (Smartphone & tablet).
  • Easy to track the assessment of individual student and as well as groups.
  • Easy to save Audio and Video evidences of pupil at that instant time.
  • View improved learning outcomes and ensure your curriculum meets the needs of every student.
  • Data is secured in Cloud server.
  • Offline support while internet connection is off in smartphone.