Financial Marketplace for Public Offerings
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Financial Marketplace for Public Offerings

The new securities market has been growing at a tremendous pace all over the world. More than 450 Companies in the U.S. alone has raised about $70 Billion via IPOs (Initial Public Offering) in just 2020. With these growing trends, Azilen devised an FMP (Financial Marketplace for Public Offerings) that targets retail investors and brokers to easily & efficiently access new offerings, allowing companies to raise more capital with highest reach.

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Business Scenario

A Fintech Startup from Silicon Valley craved to revolutionize the market of new security offerings. A simple yet visionary concept was brought in to formulate a platform that collaborates issuers, investors and brokers, expanding the market reach and leveraging technology to make the process easier than ever.

Azilen engaged with Client to build a collaborative marketplace that encircles all the stockholders involved for the process of new security offerings. The conceived platform enabled the investors to conduct a thorough research to take the right decision and helped the issuers and brokers to have broadest potential reach.

Key Highlights

Investor Intelligence

User Behaviour Analytics

Financial Data Analysis

Live Pricing & Subscription

Sync with Alternate Trading System

CMS Integration


  • Financial Data Security
  • Handle Multitudinous Connections
  • Market Surveillance
  • Regulatory Compliant

The Solution

Primary markets or specifically IPOs are unpopular amongst the retail segment of investors due to lack of reliable source of information. However, in recent years, the pursuit of such investment opportunities is gaining attraction. In the midst of this growing trend, Azilen has been in pursuit to build a Financial Marketplace for Public Offerings:

  • This platform aimed to build a targeted community of investors allowing them to invest in primary market (such as IPO, Bonds etc.) while having a source of Quality knowledge that consolidates the information from leading Financial Analysts.
  • Such large pool of such investors serves as a perfect audience for companies willing to raise capital and market their public offerings.
  • The FMP summarized the data for different public offerings, their volume and various other performance parameter which helped the investor to take the right financial decision.
  • The available ATS (Alternate Trading Systems) provided separate instances for issuers and brokers, wherein FMP was designed in a way to collaborate all of them onto one unified platform. Integration with ATS enabled the issuers for easy listing of new securities and flexible orderbook management for brokers.
  • Investors portal within the FMP allowed them to view and track their favorite offering and select their preferred Broker network to place an order. Integration with various broker portals like Robinhood, Charles Schwab, CME Group etc. were part of the FMP.
Azilen Technologies, Financial Marketplace for Public Offering

Progressive Web Application (PWA)

To reduce the go to market time for FMP, the entire platform was designed as PWA. This allowed the investors to have a Native like experience on web as well as mobile devices. Some of the other areas that were benefited by PWA:

  • Provide reliability even in the flaky network & a faster response time to user interaction.
  • Overcome the gaps within web-based platform with features like Push Notification, Adaptiveness, Data caching etc.
  • Easy Integration with headless CMS for enhanced content management & delivery.

Functional Features

Investor Portal

  • Comprehensive Offerings List
  • Investing Guide
  • Status of Upcoming & Past offerings
  • Access to Research Material: Real time Subscription Volume & Prospectus
  • In-App Community & Forums
  • Market Newsletter
  • Blogs & News
  • Access to Personalized Brokers
  • Manage offering watchlist
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Social Sharing: Email, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Profile Management

Platform Administration

  • User Analytics
  • CMS Integration
  • User Management
  • Customized Alert & Notification
  • Broker Registration & Management
  • Curated Content Management

Thought Leadership

The average IPO one-day gain in U.S. in 2020 is around 23%. Several studies have pointed out that if you buy quality shares of a company at their initial public offering price, you can actually beat the S&P 500. However, traditionally primary market is flooded by large institutional investors only. Now with platform like FMP, Retail investors will have an additional channel to gain similar advantage. It will help:

  • Issuers to have broadest potential reach
  • Investors to have easy investment opportunity
  • Brokers to earn more revenue

Salient Characteristics

  • Highly Secured Environment
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Asynchronous architecture
  • Support for 20k+ simultaneous connections





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Analytics & Tracking

  • Azilen Technologies, Financial Marketplace for Public Offering
  • Azilen Technologies, Financial Marketplace for Public Offering
  • Azilen Technologies, Financial Marketplace for Public Offering
  • Azilen Technologies, Financial Marketplace for Public Offering
  • Azilen Technologies, Financial Marketplace for Public Offering