eCommerce Web Platform
for Automotive Industry
using Magento 2.0





About Client

A Norwegian automobile spare parts supplier with 10,000+ customers and a massive product
catalog comprising of 600,000 spare parts from 30+ brands.

The client ships thousands of parcels every week and was looking to develop a B2B/B2C eCommerce platform for customers integrated with company’s internal ERP system.


The existing ERP system used vehicle registration number, make, model or series to retrieve information about compatible spare parts. But the existing system suffered from critical challenges including:

  • Spare part information was stored under multiple entities belonging to third-party tools, increasing the dependency on third party tools. The solution needed to smoothly process data using third party tools.
  • A content management system was needed to process, edit and manage product information which was lacking in the existing system


Team Azilen analyzed the client requirements and recommended development of a holistic eCommerce platform based on Magento 2.0. Owing to strong compatibility with multiple platforms, Magento 2.0 was selected to build the solution. Also, as Magento 2.0 offers a performance upgrade over older platforms, it was deemed to be the perfect platform for development.

The eCommerce platform was integrated with multiple tools such as AutoData ERP, TecDoc, AIS & VPC for optimal product information processing.

  • AutoData ERP was being used by the client for internal data management. The eCommerce platform integrated with ERP fetched data such as spare part description, inventory, price, customer details, delivery details, shipping methods and other essential information.
  • TecDoc offers faster access to structured, complete and updated vehicle and spare part information for Norwegian region and EU nations.
  • Automotive Information System is a centralized system for vehicle registration information and associated TecDoc ID.
  • Advanced Spare Part Information Search Option based on vehicle registration number, brand, model and variant details.
  • Multilingual CMS & Web Shop for customers from different communities and backgrounds
  • Inclusive payment gateway integration with KLARNA- a Swedish company providing online payment services
  • Store location on Google Maps
  • Secured payment processing
  • Easy maintenance & upgrade

Tools & Technologies

  • - Magento 2.0
  • - HTML
  • - css
  • - js
  • - jQuery
  • - MySQL
  • - Magento 2.0
  • - HTTP, REST Based
  • - JSON
  • - NetBeans
  • - Entity Attribute
  • - HTML5
  • - CSS3
  • - JavaScript
  • - JQuery
Business Benefits
  • Improved business agility and productivity
  • Multilingual platform catering to thousands of customers
  • Smoother third party integration
  • Efficient data importing capabilities
  • Performance optimization for higher productivity
  • In-build responsive design with simplified & intuitive user interface
  • Better end user experience