Digital Community Portal
Medical Practitioners





About Client

The client is a leading healthcare organization with 2200+ doctors and medical professionals.
The client formed a medical community that included health specialists, hospitals and professionals for
the exchange of health information.

The client wanted a system to power the community health information exchange program to deliver best-in-class medical care for improving patient’s health.


The client was already using a SharePoint-based platform that didn’t allow a stakeholder to customize content after publishing. The situation was escalating the project costs because of constant development requirement for customizing content. A solution was required to bring down costs and automate various aspects. The project posed serious challenges including the following:

  • Requirement of an automated system for server maintenance and backup
  • Distinct websites with unique content, intuitive user interface as per organization’s guidelines, integration of third-party tools and secure file system access


The astute analysts at Azilen recommended using open source Liferay platform for the development of the whole solution. As Liferay made it possible to simplify content management, customize the look and feel and manage roles, permissions and workflow, it was deemed to be the best choice.

The open source platform along with our hybrid development approach helped us build a unique community portal within the set budget and timeline.

    Salient Features of the Solution

  • Complete healthcare portal for patients looking for solutions
  • Health suggestion tips for the end users
  • Simplified content management
  • Automated server maintenance and backup
  • Third party integration with LDAP, SAML, SSO, etc.
  • User-friendly, dynamic and intuitive interface
  • Facilitative team collaboration for helping patients get better, faster

Tools & Technologies

  • - Liferay
  • - Java
  • - SQL
  • - Liferay
  • - Java
  • - SQL
Business Benefits
  • Robust & advance portal with intuitive UI for ease of use
  • Seamless content management without technical intervention
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Reduced Maintenance Cost