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Next-Gen POS Solution for Retail Industry

As market leaders in Retail POS and 10+ years of experience in implementing POS systems in several countries, Azilen understands the key challenges and expectations of retailers as well as customers from a state of the art POS solution.

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Business Scenario

The customer is a leading European major of Point of sale solutions for retail industry supporting the retail processes for 20 years. It offers wide range of enterprise business solutions which handle end to end process in retail and point of sale domain.

The customer collaborated with Azilen owing to our rich experience in developing and deploying global POS solutions. We engaged with the customer for innovating the complete point of sale operations in Retail stores with Latest technology trends, improving the overall in-store experience.


  • Legacy solution with obsolete technologies
  • Complex business rules and processes implemented
  • Non-user-friendly flows and user interface
  • Large number of hardware integrations
  • Support only 2 industry domains


The customer was working on their product modernization strategy with a long term product vision in consideration with the latest business and technology trends in the market. Azilen collaborated with their product team in devising their product roadmap and implementation strategy.

Key Highlights

Omni-Channel Experience

Industry Independent

Global standards & Local policies

Full service Capable

Smart & Intelligent

Product Vision & Roadmap

The Collaboration was initiated with a “Product Visioning Exercise” in which Azilen carried out consulting workshops with the customer's product team to define the product roadmap.

  • Market Research & Trends Analysis
  • Product Ecosystem Analysis
  • Product Comparison
  • Competition Analysis
  • Conclusion & Possible Roadmap

Thought Leadership

When the retail industry is well-poised to redefine their processes to support the digital journey and shopping experience for its customers, it is important to upgrade the “point of sale” processes which can ensure.

Better customer interaction | Reduce the customer wait time | Resulting in a customer delight

Azilen engaged into a multi-year implementation & support contract for the development of the Point of sale system. The development started with a Till system with a “MobileFirst” approach. To ensure the flexibility and dynamism demanded by the system, the development was started in a parallel faceted approach including :

Common Framework and architecture development

Functional Modules & Features development

SaaS based POS solution

  • Secured authentication & user identification
  • Single & multi-store support
  • Integrated with SAP & similar merchandizing systems
  • Barcode scan & article search
  • Basket management
  • Multi-modal Payment options
  • Discounts, coupons, Vouchers
  • Delivery & Returns management
  • Customer profile management – purchase history, preferences, membership
  • Self-service check-out
  • Dynamic & configurable user interface
  • Workflow engine
  • Software Licensing
  • Multi-language, currency
  • Reporting – EOD, sales, average size, performance
  • Designed industry-specific UI templates
  • EU Taxation reporting
  • Fiscalization processes

Salient Characteristics

  • Modular Architecture
  • Online - Offline capable
  • Fully configurable user interface
  • Centrally controllable operations
  • Integrate-able with systems - printers, EFTs,

Advance Feature

  • Points based Loyalty programs & rewards redemption
  • Personalized offers
  • Customer preference management
  • Ai based Customer behavior tracking & relevant Cross & Up sale opportunities
  • Staff performance incentives
  • Marketing intelligence based promotional campaigns



Active store operations across Europe


Transactions handled on daily basis


Improvement in customer’s wait time

  • Azilen Technologies, Next-Gen POS Retail Solution
  • Azilen Technologies, Next-Gen POS Retail Solution
  • Azilen Technologies, Next-Gen POS Retail Solution
  • Azilen Technologies, Next-Gen POS Retail Solution
  • Azilen Technologies, Next-Gen POS Retail Solution
  • Azilen Technologies, Next-Gen POS Retail Solution
  • Azilen Technologies, Next-Gen POS Retail Solution
  • Azilen Technologies, Next-Gen POS Retail Solution