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Real Estate

Real Estate Management Solution Using MS Dynamics 365

About Client

The client is a renowned name in Europe as a well-respected Real Estate organization with massive clientele. The client was in need of an industry specific enterprise application that can handle end to end process of property administration in line with customer management and flawless internal communication. Industry related Legal Compliance Management was also supposed to be governed though the same application.

Business Requirement

  • The client did not have any effective data management system to store and process the huge database of customers as buyers and sellers as well as of properties.
  • Manual entries of enormous properties to popular real estate web portals were already the tedious task. Keeping the sync between their own database and other properties displayed on web portals was even more challenging.
  • Mapping of property details with each customer’s specific requirement and sharing the relevant information through email communication was an exhausting process.
  • Apart of data management and processing, cost effective data storage was another requirement as client had continually increasing data loads of big sized property pictures for display purpose and purchase deed documents as a part of legal compliance.

The Solution

  • Azilen underwent through a studious analysis and recommend creating a highly customized Real Estate Management solution using Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • We created an additional and distinctive Purchase (Property) – Lead – Opportunity model to match with client’s industry specific workflow related to Property Purchase and Contract Management with property seller.
  • For trouble-free mapping between customers and their desired properties, we created the Property Categorization and Search Profile functionalities that could display the list of desired properties in just a single click. The client can email those property links through the application.
  • As the application is supposed to be operated with multiple real estate web portals, we specified very clear concept for Owner of Contact for flawless and relevant email correspondence. In other words, robust customer and property based tracking is enabled.
  • For cost effective storage of big sized and high definition photos in a large quantity, we integrated the application with Azure blob storage.
  • We created optimum document management system in auto sync with application using SharePoint so that documents are accessible through the application without putting any loads on it.
  • For uncomplicated broadcasting of the property information to other web portals, we created the XML Structure based functionality. Once the client fills property information in Application’s interphase, client will be able to export that information to multiple web portals. This functionality prominently supports Europe’s real estate industry prevalent immo standards for residential and commercial properties, and there is flexibility to use it with other standards as well.
  • The same functionality enabled the client to import property and other details from web portals to application.
  • With the optimum usage of plugin, we developed two notable functionalities to manage :
    • Creation of personalized hard copy of letters in mass
    • Creation of customized and personalized property portfolio in softcopy

Solution Benefits

  • The client is awarded for operational excellence by respected authorities in their domain.
  • Extremely user friendly nature of the application made the roll out a very easy process for the client’s staff. The overall human resource productivity increased up to 70%.