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Remote Controller for Neuroscience Device for Healthcare Organization

Azilen Technologies, web statistics, Remote Controller for Neuroscience

About Client

The client is a Europe based globally well-respected healthcare product Development Company. With the intention of furnishing rehabilitation facilities to massive number of stroke patients, the client had ideated Neuroscience Devices to accelerate the recovery of patients.

Business Requirement

Client already had an outmoded web application which was missing several significant features including streaming and variable bit rate.

  • The client’s Neuroscience Devices are comprised of précised games specific to functioning of distinct brain areas based on Neuroscience principles. They are used by leading healthcare centers across the globe.
  • Two different types of devises were being used for numerous patients. One as the hospital set up and the other for home practice.
  • As the number of patients was excessively larger in comparison of the therapist, there was the need of a solution that enables the therapist to handle multiple patients remotely.
  • The major part of rehabilitation treatment was expected to be automated through the remote controller.
Azilen Technologies, Remote Controller for Neuroscience

The Solution

  • After a thoughtful evaluation of requirement, we decided to develop a remote control tablet application as an interface to be in communication with the multi model platform device and have the remote control over it.
  • The tablet app enables the therapist to plan the exercise schedule for each individual patient in accordance with his or her health conditions.
  • The remote controller keeps fetching the data from Neuroscience Devices so that the therapist can perceive the patient’s performance through parameters such as Game Score, Accuracy Measures and Difficulty Levels.
  • In case of deviation from expected performance, the therapist will be sent an automated push notification along with relevant details. We have used Google Standard Push Notification for the same.
  • Based on patient’s performance, the therapist can promptly change the type or level of game.
  • The client’s device applications were developed with Unity 3D. Accordingly, we developed the remote controller app in Unity 3D itself. We developed a protocol component with C# Dynamic Link Library as the communication bridge.
  • We used Apple’s Zero Config service discovery protocol for establishing the connection between devices and application. Hence, as long as the Android application and the multi model platform devices are utilizing the same internet network, they can be in sync.
  • The therapist is enabled to perform all desired actions remotely through the Android application.
  • As the application is meant for sensitive healthcare domain, we have taken special care of its security features.

Solution Benefits

  • Therapist could handle multiple patients at a time without making any compromise with the quality of treatment.
  • After particular level of recovery, patients use the device for home practice under 100% observation of the therapist without even visiting the hospital.
  • The application is proved a noble technology initiative by empowering the healthcare domain and supporting the society.
  • Azilen Technologies, Remote Controller for Neuroscience
  • Azilen Technologies, Remote Controller for Neuroscience
  • Azilen Technologies, Remote Controller for Neuroscience
  • Azilen Technologies, Remote Controller for Neuroscience
  • Azilen Technologies, Remote Controller for Neuroscience
  • Azilen Technologies, Remote Controller for Neuroscience