Remote Controller for
Neuroscience Device

The client is a Europe based globally well-respected healthcare product development company. With the intention of furnishing rehabilitation facilities to massive number of stroke patients, the client had ideated Neuroscience Devices to accelerate the recovery of patients
  • The client’s Neuroscience Devices are comprised of précised games specific to functioning of distinct brain areas based on Neuroscience principles. They are used by leading healthcare centers across the globe.

  • As the number of patients was excessively larger in comparison of the therapist, there was the need of a solution that enables the therapist to handle multiple patients remotely.

  • The major part of rehabilitation treatment was expected to be automated through the remote controller.

  • Two different types of devises were being used for numerous patients. One as the hospital set up and the other for home practice.

  • 1
    A remote control tablet application as an interface to communicate with the Neuroscience Device
  • 2
    Therapist remotely can plan, schedule and reschedule exercise for each patient complying with his or her health conditions

Hospital Premises

  • 3
    Therapist can perceive the patient’s performance through parameters such as Game Score, Accuracy Measures and Difficulty Levels
  • 4
    In case of deviation from expected performance, an automated push notification will be sent to therapist with relevant details
  • 5
    Therapist can change type or level of game anytime and perform all desired actions remotely through this highly secured solution
  • 6
    Google Standard Push Notification, Apple’s Zero Config service discovery protocol for connection, C# Dynamic Link Library as the communication bridge
Business Benefits
Business Benefits
  • Therapist could handle multiple patients at a time without making any compromise with the quality of treatment.

  • After particular level of recovery, patients use the device for home practice under 100% observation of the therapist without even visiting the hospital

  • The application is proved a noble technology initiative by empowering the healthcare domain and supporting the society

Tools & Technologies
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