Remote Controller for
Neuroscience Device
for Healthcare Organization




Unity 3D

About Client

A renowned healthcare product development company based in Europe that wanted to offer
rehabilitation services to stroke patients via technology.

The client approached Azilen with an outmoded web app and neuroscience device that would accelerate patient recovery.


The neuroscience device ideated by the client consisted of précised games for rehabilitation of stroke patients. The games were based on neuroscientific principles and activated specific brain areas for functioning. There were two different devices- one for hospital care and another for home practice for use by therapists around the globe.

  • Existing web app lacked critical features like streaming and variable bit rate.
  • Automation of rehabilitation treatment via a remote controller was a critical requirement
  • The solution was required to enable therapists to handle multiple patients, remotely.


Once the challenges were clearly understood and the requirement was outlined, Team Azilen decided to develop a remote control tablet application for remotely-controlling and interacting with the multi-model platform device.

Salient Features of the Solution

  • The tablet app enabled the therapists to plan exercise schedules for patients according to his existing health condition.
  • The app continuously updates data from neuroscience devices to evaluate patient health improvement.
  • Developed push notification service to inform therapist about real-time improvement in patient’s health.

  • Therapist has full control access over the application to change activities and game levels for patients.
  • High level data security and privacy features for tablet application
  • Unity 3D was used to develop the entire application. Middleware communication component was developed using C# Dynamic Link Library.
  • Apple’s Zero Config service discovery protocol was used to sync data between application and neuroscience device.

Tools & Technologies

  • - Android
  • - Unity 3D
  • - C#
  • - Android
  • - Unity 3D
  • - C#
Benefits of Developing Neuroscience Device Remote Controller to Therapists
  • Better patient care & improved therapist efficiency
  • Supervisory care for patients at home after recovery without need for hospital visit
  • Complete transformation in field of healthcare via the innovative application