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iPad-based Return Process Automation Solution For Ecommerce Store

About Client

Client is an ample sized supplier of the automobile spare parts in Europe serving over 10,000 wholesale and retail customers with massive catalog of nearly 600,000 spare parts of more than 30 brands. Client was in need of a solution to manage Return procedure of goods in an organized manner.

Business Requirement

  • Client had established e commerce store prominently being used by extensive customer base. Company already had specific Return Policy aligned with their flawless customer services and legal requirement as a seller.
  • Overall return process was a non-automated process with whopping possibilities of communication gap leading to inconvenience and hindrance.
  • Warehouse team was not equipped with productive tools to administer returns. They never used to have any information about expected spare parts as return parcels till the actual delivery.
  • Manual entries to ERP system for generating credit voucher was the practice.
  • Depending on condition of spare parts and relationship with clients, warehouse team had flexibility to make change in preset return percentage for which they required a need base transparent communication system about verification process specific to each spare part.

The Solution

  • After analyzing the intelligible requirement, Team Azilen planned to development a mobile solution for client’s warehouse team for optimizing the entire returns process. The iPad application was integrated with e commerce store and ERP system through central database for seamless data communication.
  • The application was aligned with Return Form accessible though e commerce store. Customer could log in to e commerce store, use return form to key in the relevant details about spare parts that needed to be returned and submit return form.
  • As validity of 100% return was up to one year from date of purchase, the system will figure out if it is being returned within one year of purchase or not and display the relevant status. Proposed amount for credit voucher will also be displayed according to preset return percentage for the particular customer. These parameters would help customer in making decision about making returns. In fact, the application is configurable according to any return policy.
  • Once customer submits the Return Form, an email will be triggered to the warehouse team indicating them about expected return in details.
  • Once the spare parts physically get delivered to warehouse, the warehouse team can verify them. The team will have excessive flexibility to capture the image of the spare part and upload through the iPad application for further verification.

Solution Benefits

  • 70% reduction in turnaround time for end to end return process.
  • Straight upswing of 50% in productivity of warehouse team due to leveraged efficiency and minimized space for manual errors followed by 50% staff reduction for return management.
  • Improved document management without any tedious paper work.
  • Meeting of SLAs got escalated to 90% from 70%. Streamlined communication optimized governance and accountability of return procedure resulted into enhanced customer satisfaction and value creation.