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About Client

A Europe-based automobile spare parts supplier with 10000+ retail and wholesale customers.

The client’s catalog comprised of approximately 600,000 distinct products from 30+ brands. The client was looking for a powerful solution to manage and streamline the returns process.


The client already had a thriving eCommerce store with a large customer base and detailed return policy that aligned with their customer service promise and legal compliance as an online seller. The development of an automated return process solution came with the following challenges:

  • Transformation of existing non-automated process to an automated one with minimal chance of miscommunication
  • Creation of an administrative system for warehouse team to track return information in real-time
  • Shift from a system of manual entry to ERP for credit voucher generation
  • Development of a need-based transparent communication system for warehouse team for product-specific return verification process


Team Azilen came up with an idea of an iOS return process optimization mobile app for warehouse team for catering to the customized return process automation requirement. The application integrated with existing eCommerce store and ERP system via central database for streamlined data communication.

  • iPad application aligned with eCommerce store Return Form
  • Automatic verification of return request with real-time status display
  • Automatic proposed credit voucher amount calculation and display as per preset return percentage for customer
  • Custom app configurable according to dynamic return policy
  • Email notification to warehouse team about details of expected return
  • Spare part image capture on receipt for further evaluation of spare part condition

Tools & Technologies

  • - Swift
  • - Json
  • - Magento 2.0
  • - ios
  • - Swift
  • - Json
  • - Magento 2.0
  • - ios
Business Benefits
  • 70% reduction in return process turnaround time
  • 50% increase in productivity of warehouse productivity team due to reduction in manual errors
  • 50% reduction in staffing requirement for returns management
  • Increase in SLA compliance from 70% to 90%
  • Improved document management system without any manual paperwork
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and value creation due to streamlined communication, optimized governance and enhanced return procedure accountability