Risk Management &
Mitigation System

Client is a pioneer in industry that provides catastrophe risk modeling, real-time risk exposure and risk management through available live data, legacy data, assumptions and studies.
  • Being the pioneer of the industry, the core challenge was to facilitate the customer with scientific and objective measurement of natural calamities that enabled the efficient flow of money needed to insure and manage the disaster and ultimately mitigate risks to reduce the consequences of natural disasters.

  • Being the risk modelers, challenge was to input the best data available, refine the boundaries between actual data and assumptions, represent uncertainty, and provide the best situation view of the risk.

  • The system should estimate the scope, loss and impact of natural calamity. Also the seamless searching across the application would help user to retrieve the data with keywords.

  • To fulfill the goal, a system was required through which customers could get the information about natural calamities happening around the world. Hence, a portal that could meet all the above requirements efficiently with pricing, managing, and transferring catastrophe risk with available legacy data, assumptions and accurate analytics was required.

  • 1
    A Liferay solution with data retrieving function via restful spring web services and the template driven rich custom UI
  • 2
    All domain specific functionalities along with in-depth training module for relevant courses and exams for stakeholders
  • 3
    Features: Graphical representation of natural calamities, granular search, accurate data analysis and intelligence and blackboard integrations
  • 4
    Server clustering and load balancing using MS SQL for stable and highest availability of server and faster execution
  • 5
    Technology integrations: JavaScript & YUI framework, Google Search Appliance & Solr Search, SmartBox, Google map, Google Analytics, Jenkins, Spring Portlets
  • 6
    Customized Document Management to handle massive data, wide range of contents and reports in line with specific workflow
Business Benefits
Business Benefits
  • Successful execution of an innovative concept

  • The client caters 75% market share across the globe

  • A user friendly robust solution that has simplified all complex process for stakeholders

Tools & Technologies
Tools Technologies