Digital Risk Management





About Client

The client is an industry-leading company specializing in catastrophe
risk modeling, real-time risk exposure and risk mitigation with the help of legacy/live data,
assumptions and real-time studies.


The client wished to develop a solution that helps mitigate risks due to natural disasters with the help of pragmatic measurement of data pertaining to natural calamities. Through this solution, the client envisioned creating a streamlined flow of money required to insure and manage losses due to disasters.

  • Accurate risk modeling was essential for success that required inputting reliable data, refining boundaries between fact and assumptions and providing a holistic view of risk.
  • A customer-end system was required to provide detailed information about global natural disasters.
  • Accurate pricing, managing and transferring of catastrophe risk through legacy data and analysis was an essential requirement.
  • Scope, loss and impact were to be evaluated and presented to the end customer along with keyword-powered search capabilities for data retrieval.


Understanding the complex requirements, Team Azilen decided to use Liferay for developing an efficient RMS application. Liferay was chosen because of open source capabilities, in-built content management system and robust web platform.

Salient Features of the Solution

  • Use of restful spring web services for frontend data retrieval
  • Customizable frontend design via template-driven, custom HTML user interface backed by Custom Spring Portlets
  • Use of JavaScript & YUI framework for performance optimization and advanced execution policy
  • Native Liferay UI components enriched via add-ons and frameworks
  • Implementation of Solr & Google Search Appliance for deep data search capabilities using keywords
  • Integration of SmartBox with search tools for keyword definition
  • Robust document archive and streamlined document management with customization for large data, content and reports
  • Google map APIs for graphical representation of everyday calamity incidents, worldwide
  • Employee training module with blackboard integration for developing optimal data utilization capabilities
  • Google analytics-powered data analysis and business intelligence capabilities
  • Intuitive UI and great functionalities powered by Liferay hooks and extension
  • Server clustering and load balancing for round the clock server availability and prompt execution
  • Use of MSSQL database engine for stable and quick data management
  • Use of Jenkins tool for quick deployment and continuous project integration and delivery

Tools & Technologies

  • - Liferay
  • - YUI Framework
  • - Spring
  • - Google Search Appliance
  • - Solr Search
  • - Google Analytics
  • - Liferay
  • - YUI Framework
  • - Spring
  • - Google Search
  • - Solr Search
  • - Google Analytics
  • Greater Data Integrity & Performance Optimization due to Centralized Information
  • Efficient User Management due to Automated Provisioning & De-provisioning
  • Smart Search Capabilities with Definition
  • Achievement of Business Intelligence