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Shopping Assistance for Mall Customers

With innovative retailing apps flooding the market, customers are looking for a value-added shopping experience. Azilen has been a front runner in revolutionizing the customer shopping experiences with digital solutions. One such solution has evolved the way the malls and the stores engage with the visiting customers.

Azilen Technologies, web statistics, Shopping Assistance for Mall Customers

Business Scenario

The client based in the USA is a renowned digital experience specialist providing interactive wayfinding solutions to some of the largest shopping malls across North America. The client wanted to redefine the In-Mall experience of customers.

Azilen collaborated with the client to implement personalized mobile solution which malls can offer to collaborate stores and customers. From self-service wayfinding to promotions, the solution enables effective customer service and engagement.

Key Highlights

Virtual Shopping Guide

Combine Virtual + Physical Experience

Self Service Assistance

Interactive Way-Finding

Shopping Trends

Centrally Managed Content


  • Implement Generic Framework for Multiple Applications
  • Establish Real Time Wayfinding Experience
  • Dynamic Multi-storey Map Generation
  • Monitor & Manage Millions of Shoppers


Azilen implemented customer centric app for large shopping malls. The core aspect of the apps was focused towards the usability and intuitiveness. The physical stores, its information and lay-outing were mapped to the customer journeys within the apps.

To procure this Premier user experience, the use of beacon devices across the estate was strategized. This in coaction with the thoughtful experience designing added to create superior shopping experience. The experience design phase went through Interactive Prototyping & Wireframing and later quantifying through:

  • Checking the design aesthetics checklist for ensuring easy navigation flow and engaging shopping experience.
  • Comprehensive & Intuitive interface with dynamic maps (navigate to shops, restaurants, events, parked vehicle, etc) attributing to seamless way finding experience.
  • Crafting the elemental and flow layout in generic manner for rapid customization & reusability for similar applications.
  • Capturing the pool of data from multi-storey navigation, dynamic shop flyers, and mall specific services, through a thoughtful Information Architecture.
  • Testing, validating and outlining the entire customer Journey for consistent experience across range of mobile devices.

Also, a complete architecture and framework for the native app. development for iOS and Android platform was developed in a manner that is efficient to easy roll-out multiple apps for different malls. Apps for each mall was personalized to the specific needs and services of the Malls.

Indoor positioning and a micro-fencing environment were setup within the malls and also simulated remotely. Beacon based technology like Senion was setup across malls for a real-time routing & proximity experience.

Azilen Technologies, Shopping Assistance for Mall Customers

An exclusive product was implemented for multiple shopping malls that can be utilized shoppers & store owners.

  • The solution was integrated with Centralized Content Management System for mall entity to dynamically push details to Shopper’s Mobile Devices.
  • Beacons were integrated across the mall that emits low-energy Bluetooth signals, to sense shopper’s Whereabouts and to send notifications to their phones.
  • With the help of BLE technology, Shoppers were able to locate and navigate various Dining & Shopping options using wayfinding service.
  • An enhanced product was built that could map the all the Kiosk feature to a Mobile device
  • Kiosk & Digital Signage were integrated with the to avail a variety of functions :
    • Advertising and Promotion
    • Branding
    • Wayfinding
    • Merchandising

Thought Leadership

The Digital Marketing Trends shows the details collected from major companies indicating the most exciting opportunity for their organization in the upcoming year, and single aspect always topped the list i.e. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. Hence, retail space needs to adapt technology to provide a magnificent real-life experience to match the current trends. This leads to

Increased Revenue | Superior Customer Interaction | Better Customer Loyalty

Azilen engaged into a multi-year implementation & support contract for development of multiple customer service applications. The key functional features of this solution include following :

Digital Shopping

  • Virtual Shopping List Mgmt.
  • Store Locator
  • Product Scanning via Mobile
  • Wishlist Management
  • Itinerary Planning
  • Mall Reservations

Wayfinding Capabilities

  • In-Mall Navigation
  • Multi-storey Maps
  • Location Based Notifications
  • Proximity Services
  • Smart Parking Service


  • Personalized Offersn
  • Store Promotions
  • Gift Cards

Shoppers Entertainment

  • AR Games
  • Movies & Events
  • Explore Dining Options

Salient Characteristics

  • Modular & Robust Architecture
  • Multi-installation Capabilities
  • Shortest & Optimal Path Finding
  • Reusable App Framework
  • Central Content Management



Annual Shoppers


Active Stores


Covered Retail Space

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