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Advanced Talent Management Platform

About Client

A US-based company with 35 years of HR tech domain expertise and experience of delivering custom solutions for HR analytics, executive search and workforce management.

The company is committed to offering an extraordinary experience for employers and candidates alike and was seeking to build a next-gen recruitment platform for candidates and employers.

Business Requirement

The client was looking for an advanced recruitment solution that could serve as a backbone of its HR recruitment services. The core challenge was to build a futuristic and holistic talent management solution with modern capabilities like :

  • In-built learning and development module for streamlined training.
  • Real-time data gathering pertaining to training activities in an organization.
  • Seamless information access for the employees for skill development.
  • Single window solution for disbursal of employee benefits.
  • Dynamic content library for ease-of-access to credible information.

The Solution

Augmenting client’s experience in HR domain, Azilen discussed initial requirements and understood specific expectations. Bringing its in-house HR tech experts on-board, Azilen analyzed the feasibility, validated the scope, and modified the idea as per prevalent market trends and identified basic and advance features for the talent management platform.

Conceptualizing a holistic employee engagement and talent management platform, Azilen developed three differentiated core modules for the platform :

Training & Skill Development Module

  • A comprehensive training & skill development module for employees to upskill, grow and evolve. The module gives employees access to courses by popular online learning platforms and renowned global education institutions.
    • Integrated with platforms like edX & Udemy for micro learning & growth.
    • Focused training programs for catering to routine training needs.

Content Library

  • A dynamic content library was designed consisting of latest news, articles and updates about talent management, business development, finance, health, wellness and other topics for employees to access.
    • Real-time updates from reliable sources.
    • Categorized updates for easier search and content access.

Employee Benefit Module

  • Special employee perks delivery module that gives employees inside deals, offers, discounts and benefits on a variety of products, courses, services and more.
    • Exclusive employee membership options for direct benefits delivery.
    • Relevant lifestyle information to help employee maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Key Talent Management Platform Features

  • Dedicated Hiring Hub : Apart from specialized modules, the solution consisted of valuable resources for employers to hire, engage and onboard staff members with a dedicated hiring hub.
  • xPayPal Integration : Third-party integration with PayFlow Pro for instant membership subscription with/along with payment processing.
  • Perks Integration : Integration with AccessPerks for perks delivery.
  • Segregated User Profiling : Dedicated web interface for administrators, employers and employees.
  • Real-time Updates with Notifications : Exclusive notification feature to keep employees engaged