Veriable Credentials Solution: Azilen Teams Up with Velocity Network
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Verify your People Data with Blockchain-based Verifiable Credentials Solution

Career Credentials are key to sustaining labor markets’ efficiencies and has enormous potential for individuals and businesses. As blockchain solutions in HR develop, we expect to see incredible new opportunities to leverage career data, further increasing its importance and value.

Employment Background Checks (BGC) market is expected to grow to USD 5.46 billion by 2025. With this volume of growth but time-consuming process of BGC, it is even more crucial that technology partners like Azilen take up the ownership of creating a visionary solution for the growing needs of self-verifiable career credentials or simply verifiable credentials in the industry.

Azilen with its Product Engineering Capabilities in the HRTech and WorkTech arena collaborated with Velocity Network Foundation to solve the long pending crisis of Career Credentials and Data Ownership. Being the integration partner for Velocity, Azilen undertook this collaboration as a stepping stone towards making the Self Sovereign Identity more accessible and acceptable across the globe.

Azilen Technologies, HR Software Development for Personalized Guidance and Mentoring

Business Scenario

Velocity Network is a leading credential services provider having their own blockchain network for issuing, verifying and storing immutable career credentials. With the vision to create Internet of Careers, they are on a path to reinvent how career credentials are utilized across the global labor market.

Azilen collaborated with them having a rich experience in the latest technology & subject matter expertise within the Background Check arena. Azilen undertook this responsibility to implement a comprehensive verifiable credentials portal by supporting and automating the manual processes of HR representatives to validate the career credentials.

Key Highlights

Credential Agent Operator

Ownership of Career Data

Enhanced Interoperability

Regulatory Compliances

Immutable and Verifiable records

Self-Sovereign Identity


  • Astronomical cost of a bad hire
  • Mis-utilization of employee data by organizations
  • Suspicious data and candidates lying on resume
  • Time and resource consuming BGC process
  • Data Privacy and Ownership

The Solution

Azilen implemented a product using the most recent technology advancements in the Background Check (BGC) and blockchain based verifiable credentials systems.

With the vision to provide a frictionless experience for exchanging trusted employment & professional career data, we implemented a Blockchain-based verifiable credentials Portal that integrates & connects various stakeholders such as issuers, verifiers, candidates & employees together.

Azilen Technologies, HR Software Development for Personalized Guidance and Mentoring
  • Starting with the holder application, a candidate can upload, verify and hold their credential records. As they are stored on a private blockchain network, these records cannot be changed.
  • Once the information has been verified and saved on the wallet, sharing it instantaneously with potential employers & other labor market participants in order to access job prospects was made possible.
  • Post this, the Credential Verification Portal comes into picture and connects multiple stakeholders such as the issuers, relying parties and the candidate/holders.
  • Issuers and Relying Parties can deploy a Credential Agent to enable their system of records to communicate with the blockchain network and mobile wallets.
  • Utilizing this Credential Verification Portal, a relying party can access the immutable blockchain network with Credential Agent in the background validating credentials based on stored records, inspections and verifications.
  • The HR Rep won’t have to go through this background process, but just a single status message which says, “Verified”, “Failed”, or “Self-Reported”.

This not only significantly cuts down on the time needed to execute a single background verification (BGV) request in a conventional way, but it also helps HR become more productive to meet organizational goals.

Let’s say, after uploading their career records, candidate shares the link to their holder wallet which contains the following credentials. The beauty of this verification portal is that with just a single click, a verifier can see if the shared credentials are valid or not.

Azilen Technologies, HR Software Development for Personalized Guidance and Mentoring

Once the verifier asks the system to verify the credentials that have been submitted by the candidate, the portal will talk to the blockchain in the backend and get those trusted credential data. Utilizing this data, the verification portal will be able to notify the verifier that whether the submitted credentials are verified or not.

Azilen Technologies, HR Software Development for Personalized Guidance and Mentoring

Thought Leadership

In the burgeoning recruitment space, the interoperability in terms of self-sovereign identity is the ability of different actors in the labor market to issue, revoke, share and verify career credentials. Utilizing this in a coordinated manner, within and across different systems is the core of verifiable credentials Portal. The modern technology advancements included in this solution:

  • Have streamlined the way recruiters conduct their Background Checks
  • Has utilized SSI, where the candidates have full ownership of their career data
  • Are a part of Globally connected and seamlessly interoperable internet of careers

Functional Modules

The following modules as a part of solution, help with a vision to create trusted solution for the relying parties and holders for enhancing the capabilities and way of working for the BGC Industry.

Azilen Technologies, HR Software Development for Personalized Guidance and Mentoring

For the HR Rep to check and validate career credential shared by candidate, it is crucial to have enough balance of verification vouchers on the platform. Hence, the HR rep can buy vouchers and use them for verifying all the presentations on the platform.

The admin user, will be able to handle the entire operations & management on this portal itself, i.e.

  • Dashboard: A simple yet powerful way of accessing the activities related to organizations onboarded, vouchers utilized and verifications done.
  • Package Management: Admin can create a new package based on the number of verification vouchers required by a relying party.
  • User Management: Admin can search and manage the enablement of any user from this module.
  • Voucher History: Admin can see and download the total voucher usage history for a specified duration of time which is customizable.
  • Credential Verification History: Admin can use this to check and access the total presentations verified through the portal.
  • Voucher Reconciliation Module: Admin can manually credit or debit the number of vouchers to the requesting relying party utilizing this module.
  • Onboarding Gift: Admin can set a specified amount to be delivered in the form of verification vouchers to the 1st time registering relying party.

Node Operations and Management

In the context of blockchain, node operation and management are crucial process of establishing, upholding, and managing nodes that take part in the blockchain network. The machines that comprise the network and validate and store transactions are known as nodes.

The responsibilities involved in node operations and administration include installing the required software, setting up the node, monitoring the node's performance, & securing it. The blockchain network's health and stability as well as the integrity of the data stored on it depends on effective node management.

Azilen being the Node Operator, helped in resolving the above-mentioned needs through creating, deploying and running the nodes. There is no storage of any personal data, but only public keys that can be used for verifying credentials and credit balances for the participating organizations.


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Azilen Technologies, HR Software Development for Personalized Guidance and Mentoring