Warehouse & Distribution
Management System





About Client

A major Scandinavian automobile supplier was looking for a holistic solution to speed up delivery
operations and provide high levels of customer services.

Dealing in a diverse portfolio of products, it was becoming difficult to deliver products on time. The client sought a solution to streamline logistics management via technology.


  • Creating a feature-rich live distributor application
  • Creating an online data management and distribution system for managing orders


After thoroughly understanding the requirements and pain points associated with picking, packing and shipping goods, Team Azilen came up with an idea of an online warehouse management system. The system would support a number of offline/online functions that would streamline packing operations and distribution management.

  • iPad & Windows desktop based application for warehouse and sales employees
  • Data security and integrity is maintained via securing backend data in Autodata ERP
  • Real-time online order tracking for sales personnel via iOS app

Various features of the app helped in streamlining operations and speeding up the delivery times for end-customers.


  • Convenient data flow with third-party tool integration i.e. odoo ERP
  • Automatic order distribution and article tracking
  • Automatic & scheduled synchronization with AutoData ERP
  • Order status update and report printing via email for sales employees
  • Order lifecycle overruling and manual hand scan gun via iPads
  • D-channel Management (deadline time, swap time and destination D-channel)
  • Deliver route optimization with geo-location info for assisting employees in delivery
  • Complete data management, order management and order line status tracking

Tools & Technologies

  • - Odoo
  • - Paython
  • - Postgre
  • - SQL
  • - iOS
  • - .NET
  • - Odoo
  • - Paython
  • - Postgre
  • - SQL
  • - iOS
  • - .NET
  • Track articles/products easily across a large warehouse
  • Convenient and secure ‘scan and pack’ system
  • Speed optimization in the process of gathering orders
  • Product/box scanning via manual handgun for faster operations
  • Efficient route optimization for speedy delivery
  • Increased productivity and work efficiency