Management System State of Art and beautiful iPad app

The client is a major supplier of a comprehensive range of car parts and accessories from Scandinavia. The company’s main product is automobile body parts. In addition to body parts they also import extensions of car parts. The client’s preliminary focus is customer centric. They consider it a challenge to deliver quality goods to customer within time. Nevertheless, they add values by providing the utmost suggestions to customers.
  • The scope pertains to the system features and functionality for making distributor application live. Upon receiving various orders from stakeholders / sub-systems most challenging part is to maintain online data management and distribute the goods in time to customers

  • The client has a massive warehouse to store various automobile parts and accessories. Warehouse is designed as such with multi-level tenants with alphabetical sequence. Sales person used to carry out print page to collect multiple orders (limited) by moving in warehouse. It’s challenging phase for sales person to pick, pack and ship the goods with in time and there was no optimal solution for this phase.

  • 1
    iOS App for iPad integrated with Odoo ERP aligned with existing infrastructure which is incorporated with Autodata ERP
  • 2
    Product data to be fetched from the Autodata ERP to Odoo ERP through unique number and in sync with iPad app
  • 3
    Enormous number of functions to handle end to end Order Distribution Management in line with order ecosystem
  • 4
    Order Status mails and Report Prints for Sales Team and Order Status Tracking for team and customers
  • 5
    Hand Scanner Gun Integration for warehouse team and Geo-Location map integration for logistic team
  • 6
    Optimum D Channel management (deadline time, swap time period and destination) in a secured tech environment
  • Third Party tool integration to make data flow easy i.e., odoo ERP.

  • Automation order distribution and tracking of articles.

  • Scheduled auto synchronization with AutoData ERP.

  • Email status updated of orders and report prints to sales employee.

  • Order lifecycle overrule, Manual Hand scan Gun implemented in iPads.

  • Managing D-Channel (that is deadline time , swap time period and destination D-channel).

  • Delivery Route: Geo-Location to help employees to deliver articles to shipping address.

  • Data Management and maintenance of Orders and order line status tracking.

Business Benefits
Business Benefits
  • Easy to track articles in large warehouse.

  • Easy scanning and packing of articles in a secured manner.

  • Efficient speed performance of gathering orders.

  • Manual handgun to scan the articles and box instantly.

  • Efficient Delivery Route for shipping articles to customers.

  • Increased productivity and efficiency.

Tools & Technologies
Tools Technologies