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Mint - Web Based HRMS Solution

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About Client

Mint is a web-based HRMS solution that helps HR team to keep complete track of employee information, right from employee’s joining till its relieving. It offers a wide range of features to the HR department that includes- Attendance capturing, Daily work log integration with project management tool, Educational, Personal and Professional details; Training calendars and Reporting to the respective project manager or HR. Moreover, the Mint HRMS application is accessible over internet and intranet platforms.

Product Feature

  • Managing employee information - A centralized dashboard to keep track of employee profiles, contact information, job history, and performance records.
  • Recording daily work log (by integrating project management tool) - Easily track and log daily work activities, with the option to integrate with project management tools for greater efficiency.
  • Timesheet submission and approval - Make the process of tracking work hours and submitting timesheets very straightforward, with managers able to approve or reject them.
  • Configurable leave policy - Customize leave policies that are aligned to your organization's needs, including types of leave with the flexibility to set custom approval workflows.
  • Nomination and training calendar approvals - Make the tedious process of organizing and approving employee training & development activities a breeze.
  • Employee evaluation procedure - Set up and implement a well-organized evaluation process to assess how well an employee is performing and what are areas of improvement.
  • Configurable evaluation form based on designation and department - Leverage the power of a highly configurable evaluation form for each employee’s job, role & department to collect relevant data.
  • Event greetings for birthdays and anniversaries - Deploy an automated greetings mechanism to keep employees engaged and send a personalized message on important days such as birthdays.

Product Architecture

Azilen Technologies, Web Based HRMS

Solution Benefits

  • Interactive dashboard - A single, easy-to-use dashboard with highly intuitive design that makes it easy to get a real-time overview of employee data and HR processes.
  • Easy to retrieve employee information - With single click, users can access and update employee information that includes contact details, job history, and performance records.
  • Advanced employee evaluation - Make informed decisions fueled by a comprehensive employee evaluation that offers features such as configurable evaluation forms and performance metrics.
  • Quick processing of attendance - Make the process of attendance very simplified by infusing the power of automated attendance management tools.
  • Work record tracking with project management tool integration - Easily track and manage employee work records and project progress by integrating with project management tools.
  • Dashboard greetings and notifications of events - Make your employee engagement strategy very successful by informing employees with automated greetings and notifications feature.
  • Timesheet approval - With manager having ability to approve or reject timesheet, make this tedious process matter of seconds.
  • Convenient to view leave balance - Employees have the ultimate flexibility to view their leave balances and request for new leave directly from the HRMS platform.
  • Notifications for training schedules - Receive automated notifications for upcoming training sessions and manage training schedules directly within the HRMS.
  • Direct reporting to Project Manager or HR - Enable frictionless communication and reporting between employees, project managers, and HR teams.
  • Azilen Technologies, Web Based HRMS
  • Azilen Technologies, Web Based HRMS
  • Azilen Technologies, Web Based HRMS
  • Azilen Technologies, Web Based HRMS