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Mint is a web-based HRMS solution that helps HR team to keep complete track of the employee’s information
as well as work log, right from the employee’s joining till its relieving.

It offers a wide range of features such as – Employee Profile covering Professional, Personal and Educational details, Attendance Capturing, Daily Work Log Integration with Project Management Tool, Training Calendars and Reporting to the respective Project Manager or HR. Moreover, the Mint HRMS application is accessible over internet and intranet platforms

Key Feature

  • Managing employee information
  • Nomination and training calendar approvals
  • Timesheet submission and approval
  • Employee evaluation procedure
  • Configurable leave policy
  • Event greetings for birthdays and anniversaries
  • Recording daily work log (by integrating project management tool)
  • Configurable evaluation form based on designation and department


  • Web based HRMS Solution for end to end management of human capital in efficient and automated manner
  • Configurable functionalities such as leave policy, 360 Degree and Advanced Employee Evaluation Process, Training Calendars etc.
  • Acts as an incorporated Project Management Tool integrated with the employee’s work log recording & attendance processing
  • Workflow Management and direct reporting to Reporting Manager, Project Manager or HR, Timesheet submission and approval
  • Single platform for employees to handle all HR interactions independently along with notifications for training schedules, events, birthdays and anniversaries
  • Distinctive UI making Employee Engagement and Employee Information and Lifecycle Management interesting

Tools & Technologies

  • - Mysql
  • - Liferay
  • - Mysql
  • - Liferay
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Dashboard greetings and notifications of events
  • Easy to retrieve employee information
  • Timesheet approval
  • Advanced employee evaluation
  • Convenient to view leave balance
  • Quick processing of attendance
  • Notifications for training schedules
  • Work record tracking with project management tool integration
  • Direct reporting to Project Manager or HR