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DASTAC Framework

DASTAC Framework is a proven process for securing Intellectual Property (IP) with a maturity of 13+ Years having experience from Enterprise Companies to Start-ups.
  • D – Draft Strong NDA
  • A - Awareness among employees
  • S - Enforcing Security Policies
  • T- Separate Teams
  • AC - Strong Access Control

Draft Strong Non-Disclosure Agreements

Have a legal representative be part of your team while creating the non-disclosure legal clauses to make them precise and explicit. Always make sure multiple contracts protect intellectual property. Contracts for services, licenses, and distribution are a few examples.

Aware Employees Regarding Intellectual Property Security

Customized awareness training to a particular group of employees about the assets they must safeguard, it will aid in resolving and preventing potential intellectual property violations. Intellectual property (IP) is being frequently lost by businesses due to error or ineptitude. We need to make sure that the employees are aware of the ways they could mistakenly divulge IP. The weakest link in the chain of protection is humankind. Because of this, an IP security approach that ignores employee training and preparation and instead exclusively depends on firewalls and copyrights is likely to fail.

Enforcing Security Policies

Organizations should give enforcing protection procedures first attention since insiders or disgruntled employees regularly damage sensitive records. The intellectual property policies and procedures, and any consequences of employee behaviour, should be explained to staff members.
A data protection policy should outline which data needs to be safeguarded, where it resides, who has access to it, and how it needs to be protected. Additionally, it should outline the proper methods for transporting and destroying sensitive information, including intellectual property (IP), when it is no longer required.

Separate Teams

The technical teams should be geographically separated, if possible and it should be clarified that neither of them has control over the entire product. These teams will need cooperation to steal the product to violate the product&aposs sacredness and protection. A crucial information security paradigm that might help to secure intellectual property is the separation of obligations.

Protect Your Intellectual Property with Strong Access Control

Compositions, manifestations, and all thoughts ought to be kept in a secure area ensured by an identity and access management framework that utilizes versatile confirmation with risk analysis or the exceptionally slightest two-factor verification. Because only relying on passwords is not a successful implementation of security.