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Knowledge Base for Liferay7 DXP by Azilen

Though Liferay has been credited as much promising technologies with commercial success at a happening note, sometimes developers do struggle in their technical self-advancement due to shortage of enough educational material and training resources. As a positive contributor, Azilen always kept trying to fix the shortage to the optimum possible level. Following are the basic guidelines for techies supporting them in making the best out of Liferay 7

OSGi-An easy way to create dynamic, live architectures and applications
Setting up the Development environments for the Development of Theme
Liferay UI – Custom Theme Development
Liferay 7 Portlet to Empower Your Custom Development
Service Builder - A portal-wide (and beyond) data access tool
Fragment Modules for OOTB Customizations
Upgrade Liferay 6.2 installation to Liferay 7 in simple steps

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