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Years of Engineering Excellence

A Product Engineering Company

Pioneering Excellence in building NextGen Digital Products

A PRO Experience in

Building Products.

Passion | Reform | Out of Box Thinking
Comprehensive Service Portfolio of Product Experiences. Being a software product engineering company, we operate at the intersection of creativity, technology, and market demand armed with innovation hub, cross-disciplinary teams, iterative approach and most importantly product engineering mindset. We believe in not just building products, but creating values.
Strategic innovation with a blend of technology is all, that is needed for your business to be on it...
Place where creativity meets technology. An experience carved with engaging customer journey.
Strong technical foundation, flexible and adaptable to ever changing business needs.
Technology enablement for sustainable product development.​
We foster your product, midst of the world where change is the only constant.
Ensuring quality is an intrinsic feature of your product.​

Key Industries.

Our cross-industry experience spans around a unique perspective we bring to our client relationships. With a focus on innovation, collaboration, and quality, we as a product engineering company partner with clients to solve industry problems, and build the future out of Lego blocks of technologies. Regardless of the industry we serve, our commitment to bringing in fresh perspective and delivering beyond mere code to not just the clients but end-users remains unshattered. That's what makes us a true product engineering company.
We build products for Hire to
Retire lifecycle in HR TECH.
Simplest yet breakthrough insurance
solutions for complex workflows

Clients Speak.

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, finding a reliable software development partner is like finding a needle in a haystack. But with Azilen, we found a team that constantly seeks to understand our complex environment and requirements while translating them into practical, efficient solutions.
Their team of skilled developers has consistently delivered high-quality software. Their ability to adapt to changes and provide innovative solutions has greatly contributed to our success.
We are satisfied with our partnership with Azilen and look forward to achieving greater milestones together.

Dave Stevens
CTO | Fulcrum

The Azilen team helped develop a complex cross-platform mobile application. We were more than happy with the professional project management and transparent communication. Scoping and implementation were as easy as working with local staff. The results delivered were always on time and of high quality. We look forward to working with Azilen on our next project.

Jona Boeddinghaus
COO | Gradient Zero​

We appreciate our relationship with Azilen. We are just getting going, ClearingBid is going to democratize the IPO market for all, this is where Azilen has helped and played an important role with us. For a big vision, we did not have a design team to start, so number of our solutions were driven by Azilen. I want to give a big shout out the structured product management skills and the necessary follow up efforts from the team.

Matt Venturi​
CEO | ClearingBid Inc.​
Svend Bøe​

We are extremely satisfied with the competence technical expertise that Azilen has shown us, this is combined with great customer service.

Svend Bøe​
CEO | Veng Norge​

Our Clients.

News & Insights.

On World No Tobacco Day, Azilen Technologies announces its transition to a tobacco-free culture.

As one of the leading product engineering companies Azilen Technologies is proud to announce a first-of-its-kind approach to responsible AI in Gen AI development service. This strategic step reinforces Azilen’s Commitment to the ethical and responsible use of Artificial Intelligence offering clients cutting-edge solutions while focusing on the ethical impact of AI technologies. RESPONSIBLE AI

Azilen Technologies has been recognized by as one of the leading software development companies in Canada for the year 2023, securing a spot within the top 100.

Lavina Ramkissoon, a conscious creator with expertise in psychology, technology, and economics, steps into the Azilen Team as Advisory Member to fuel Azilen’s ongoing commitment to humanizing technology and actively serving as a growth enabler for thriving African digital economy with the perfect blend of cutting-edge technologies like AI, Blockchain, IoT and the finest software product engineering tactics, powered

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What makes azilen, Azilen?

Being a software product engineering company, the core objective of our foundation is to create a product that stands as the best in its class, and we lovingly refer to this mission as Azilen’s DNA. This DNA powered by our commitment toward engineering excellence is an integral part of our day-to-day existence.

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We are PROEngineers, driving PROduct Engineering Excellence
Our teams are driven by passion with a Reformist approach and Out-of-the-box thinking. We call them PROEngineers who drive the product engineering journeys of product companies from risks to rewards.
Support from product conceptualization to market go-live
We're there with our clients every step of the way, from initial ideation to product launch and beyond into the scaling stage. Our dedication guarantees their product's success without the weight of technical debt.
Right team with the right tech skills
Excellence is our standard, and achieving it is possible through our expert teams. We tailor these teams equipped with domain and tech expertise to each project's unique needs, leading to customer value realization.
Robust IP and Data security mechanism
We understand the gravity of IP and Data security. Thus, we have deployed our own DASTAC framework that puts forth holistic approach at the both organization and workforce level to ensure military-grade IP and data security.
Global Reach,
Local Touch
With a global presence, Azilen offers the advantages of a diverse talent pool and market insights. Yet, we provide a personalized, local touch to ensure we understand the intricacies of your specific market and industry with our global capability center.
We don't just complete projects; we build lasting partnerships. We're dedicated to your long-term success and are ready to support your growth and evolution beyond the initial engagement.

Crewing at Azilen

Get ready to leave your footprint on the world stage of Azilen - a product engineering company.
Azilen Culture
Experience our phenomenal team who are striving everyday to create a real, lasting and positive value in the ecosystem.