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A growing number of organizations are starting to lay heavier emphasis on Quality Assurance and Software performance testing. The rapidly evolving market trends and ever changing landscape of technology have introduced a number of highly disruptive technologies like cloud, open source, social media, and mobility. Software performance testing has also evolved to incorporate these technologies and has resulted in more taxing and meticulous regression testing practices. At azilen we implement practical check points to prioritize on quality of delivery. This helps avoid surprises at end and allows us to meet client expectations based on following three action items:-

  • Transparent and frequent communication with the client
  • Precise requirements & smart change control
  • Quick iterations and tightly coupling of the implementation

We adopt SCRUM/Agile in the majority of our projects, so in the planning stage of each user story functionality and acceptance criteria’s are mentioned. We understand the value of having automated unit tests for project modules: early defect detection, reducing uncertainty in the units, coding standards, helping to refactor and extend code safely. All unit tests are then integrated into Continuous Integration System (TeamCity, TFS or CC.Net) and triggered once the application build is completed successfully.


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Multi-Platform Testing
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Internal Beta Programs
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Tools and Technology

  • Selenium Grid
    Selenium-Grid allows you run your tests on different machines against different browsers in parallel.
  • Test plant
  • HP
    This is load testing tool helps you prevent issues by detecting bottlenecks and to obtain an accurate picture of end-to-end system performance before going live.
  • QTP
    QuickTest Professional is the solution for functional test and regression test automation.



What our clients are saying?

Expertise Design
Irrespective of business outcome, Azilen’s consulting approach made us convinced about their capabilities. Working as a co-development partner we have been able to successfully re-engineer enterprise solution within tighter deadlines. Technical team doesn’t talk just technologies but they do understand well about core business process and goals and that makes a difference to us.

Enterprise Product Company

Expertise Design
We’ve been in close cooperation with Azilen since 2011 and during all this time their professionalism and competence was helping us to build up our own business in Russia. Together we have developed and successfully implemented significant number of projects for Hospitality and Retail industry in Russia. And only Azilen’s strategic approach, vast experience and ability “to be local”, allowed us to meet high market expectations inherent to Russian customers.

Ellat Automation