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Native and Hybrid iOS App Development

Native and Hybrid iOS App Development

iOS - Information Architecture & UX Design

Information Architecture & UX Design

iOS - Wearable Device App

Wearable Device App

Apple TV Apps

Apple TV Apps

iOS - Business Process Automation (BPM)

Business Process Automation (BPM)

iOS - Dynamic Workflow Implementation

Dynamic Workflow Implementation

iOS Solutions

iOS Application Development
Solution Spotlight
  • Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) and In-App Purchase functionality
  • Integrating Geo-fencing and Micro-fencing techniques using Google map and Beacon-based technologies respectively, for real-time updates on smart devices
  • Providing electronic solutions for real-time health tracking and insurance app with live video streaming functionality
  • Offering real-world two-way communication with other devices through Near Field Communication (NFC) based solutions
  • Designing a solution that read electronic product code (EPC) of each product and can be tracked by Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology.

Case Studies

Food Ordering System
Enterprise Solutions for Hospitality Industry
Food Ordering App
Digital Food Ordering Application

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    In this blog, we have explain step by step Guide for adding private pod support in iOS using CocoaPods. Private pods make managing your project much simpler. It saves lot of effort and time when dealing with dependencies in your project. Also we can use this pod privately for internal access.

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  • Server Driven User Interface Framework for iOS Application

    Server Driven User Interface (SDUI) – Framework For iOS Applications!

    • By Dhara Ahuja

    SDUI is aimed to create better and more personal experience for the end users while providing the developers the much needed customizing flexibility and agility in roll outs. With the huge spectrum of benefits to both sides – this Approach is as promising as the Tech behind it.

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