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Why Deep Tech Companies Should Adopt Global Capability Center for Product Engineering & Innovation?

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Let us start this blog with some mind-blowing deep tech statistics.

29% of all deep tech companies received government funding (Source)

European deep tech startups raised $17.7B in 2022 (Source)

29% of all deep tech companies received government funding (Source)

European deep tech startups raised $17.7B in 2022 (Source)

Deep tech investing requires patience. Average time between funding stages (months).

Deep tech is rising at a rapid pace – no doubt about that.

And it’s not just about technological marvels; it’s about redefining the boundaries of what’s possible.

Moreover, it’s the fusion of science and technology, giving rise to solutions that seemed like dreams just a few years ago.


Hence, companies are always looking for innovative ways to optimize their deep tech product engineering approach.

One such strategy gaining traction at this moment is – deep tech with Global Capability Center (GCC).

This transformative approach is reshaping the way deep tech startups conceptualize, develop, and deliver cutting-edge solutions.

And in this blog, we’ll explore why its adoption can be a game-changer for deep tech companies.

In case you’re not familiar with Global Capability Center, here’s a short and simple explanation.

What is a Global Capability Center (GCC)?

Global Capability Center is essentially an entity that functions as an extended arm of a parent organization.

It’s a setup of a strategic delivery unit where you get complete control over tech delivery excellence while the center takes care of your talent, engagement, skills, collaboration, training and development, finance, and operational excellence.

This approach frees you up to focus more on core product engineering and less on the operational, infrastructure, and management burdens.

Following is how Global Capability Center operates.

GCC Working Model

Why Companies Should Adopt Global Capability Center for Deep Tech Product Engineering?

The Global Capability Center model can offer several benefits to deep tech companies engaged in product engineering.

Here are some reasons why adopting the Global Capability Center model for deep tech product engineering might be beneficial:

1. Global Talent Pool Access

Global Capability Centers enable companies to draw top talent from all over the world.

This results in getting a deep tech product development team that is diverse and highly qualified.

In fact, it’s crucial, especially for deep tech startups that require specialized skills in areas such as AI, ML, data science, quantum computing, and other advanced technologies.

3. Scalability and Flexibility

Global Capability Centers are highly adaptable.

They can easily scale operations up or down as per the project requirements, reducing the risk associated with fluctuating demand and market uncertainties.

Such flexibility is essential in the dynamic landscape of deep tech.

5. Focus on Core Competencies

By offloading non-core functions such as operational, infrastructure, and management to Global Capability Center, deep tech companies can focus more on their core competencies.

This includes research and development, innovation, and strategic planning.

As a result, it helps companies to improve overall efficiency and competitiveness.

7. Cross-Cultural Collaboration

Global Capability Centers promote collaboration among teams with diverse cultural backgrounds.

Having such diversity in deep tech product engineering can foster creativity and innovation.

On top of that, different perspectives and cultural backgrounds within GCC lead to the generation of unique ideas, enhanced products, and problem-solving capabilities.

9. Standardized Processes

Implementing a Global Capability Center model often involves standardizing processes across different locations.

It’s a critical aspect that contributes to the success and efficiency of a deep tech company’s product engineering efforts.

It ensures that best practices are followed uniformly to maintain or develop a deep tech product.

Moreover, it provides consistency and quality assurance, reduces costs, mitigates risk, and promotes continuous innovation.

2. Cost Optimization

Having Global Capability Center regions with lower operational costs can lead to significant cost savings.

Deep tech companies can benefit from cost arbitrage while not compromising on high-quality product engineering standards.

4. Risk Mitigation

Operating in multiple locations across international borders reduces the risk associated with economic, political, and geographical factors.

If one location faces challenges, the others can step in, ensuring development, operational, and business continuity.

This diversification of resources can act as a risk management strategy for deep tech companies.

6. Agility & Faster Time-to-Market

The distributed nature of Global Capability Centers facilitates an agile development approach.

It enables the deep tech development team to quickly adapt to evolving project needs, implement feedback loops, and streamline development cycles.

Such agility leads to faster time-to-market for deep tech products without compromising customer requirements.

8. Strategic Foothold in Global Markets

Having Global Capability Centers in key global markets can help deep tech companies to establish a strong presence in those regions.

This not only supports local operations but also helps in understanding market dynamics, regulatory landscapes, and customer preferences, contributing to a more informed and effective market strategy.

10. Cost-Effective R&D

Global Capability Centers can serve as a cost-effective entity for R&D activities.

By setting up a Global Capability Center in regions with lower labor costs, deep tech companies can hire a skillful workforce without incurring the high costs associated with hiring in more expensive markets.

This is particularly beneficial for deep tech startups that require substantial R&D investments to stay innovative and maintain a competitive edge.

Our Thoughts on Deep Tech Development with Global Capability Center Model

In the big world of tech, the Global Capability Center model is like having a team of friends who make cool stuff together.

Deep tech, with all its smart and awesome features, becomes even cooler when friends from all over the world work together.

It’s like a big, friendly adventure where everyone brings something special to the table.

So, if you ever wonder how the tech magic happens, just remember – it’s all about teamwork and making cool things with friends!

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