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Easy and Useful Web Development Tools For Developers

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The web is significantly wide spreading day by day. Every day, new technology comes to the market and many technologies go outdated. To stay tuned with the latest techno trends web developers have to perform their task smartly to give better performance in a lesser time frame. Developers need to use advance tools and techniques to provide better and effective solutions to their customers.

There are lots of tools available in the market, which makes website development smooth and easy. In this post, I have collected some best, effective and popular tools that will help developers in software product development process.

Different CSS Preprocessors

CSS is very easy and simple to create. CSS structure is uncomplicated and understandable. But the main difficulty with the CSS is that with big web projects, you have to create many CSS files, which sometimes increases the file size of HTML document and sometimes it’s difficult to manage.

In this situation CSS Preprocessor will help you to solve your problem. It lets us create CSS in development style with different functions which then compiled into browser compliant CSS structure. There are many CSS Preprocessors available, some are, Saas, LESS, Myth, Stylus, etc. But from this Saas is very common and widely used CSS Preprocessors.

Web Development Toolkit

Web Development Toolkit is a collection of various tools. Codekit is a very popular development Toolkit available on web. It’s an OS X-only application. Codekit which supports LESS, Saas, Jade massage beds, Bower, Uglify and many more. A Prepros is best for the windows based OS, and Koala-app is for Linux operating system.

Task Runner Application

Website development cycle is very lengthy and time consuming process. Website development goes to different phases, analysis, design, implementation, testing and evolution. Each phase takes time and efforts to make it successful. There are various Task Runner applications available on the web like Grunt, a JavaScript task runner and Gulp which helps you to save time in repetitive website development steps.

The Grunt offers useful plugins to choose with which you can automate anything with very less effort. On other hand, Gulp is very easy to learn and use. It keeps your easy things easy and makes tough tasks handy.

Device Testing Tools

If you are developing a mobile version of your website, you need to test your website on various screen sized devices, which is very problematic. It is not always possible to test your website on each small screen devices. To solve this issue, Synchronized testing is implemented. It lets us test website in different devices concurrently.

Grunt offers a plugin named BrowseSync, through which you can perform synchronized testing for your website. Also, Ghostlab – a GUI application is also another best option to choose.

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