Event Management Service
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About Client

A renowned event organizer and marketing company based in the UK that offers
inclusive business intelligence services to clients.

The company is engaged in increasing footfalls, enhance conversions via insights gathered through a powerful analytics algorithm. The company offers a cloud-based platform to manage and automate event management.


The client was already using several methods to manage audience/exhibitor data, gather insights and reporting. However, the client faced several challenges that served as pain points for development:

  • Gathering data from multiple sources
  • Automated assistance platform for organizing future events
  • Analytics and insights development for organized events

The client sought a turnkey solution that can offer analytics services and gather insights using a single platform.


Team Azilen thought of utilizing AWS platform to host a solution that meets client requirements. As AWS cloud makes it easier to manage the infrastructure and also does not require intensive hardware investment, the solution was deemed to be appropriate.

The monolith platform consisted of two different services along with a number of technical features. While the first one served as a web application for front end usage by marketing managers and third party users, the second solution was made to work as backend app for individual services based on context.

Salient Features of the Solution

  • App Capabilities
    • User and Event Management
    • Reporting
    • Analytics
    • Selections
    • Notifications
  • Monolith service connects to AWS S3 that passes encrypted data to AWS Lambda for data validation and triggering actions
  • Integration of different forms of data via Data Integration Services or ETL using Mule ESB
  • Storage of client data in NoSQL database and application data, configuration in single RDBMS database
  • Use of MongoDB/ Neo4J for data access that also helps in real-time service data analysis
  • Intuitive web app user interface using JQuery & Angular JS
  • Use of RESTFull web service, D3js & Kendo UI for engaging and detailed dashboard and chart representation
  • Use of JMS- Asynchronous notification queue by notification service provider for system events
  • HTTP caching and compression of static data for enhanced UI performance using CSS and JS magnification

Tools & Technologies

  • - Mule ESB
  • - Spring Boot
  • - Hibernate
  • - AWS Java SDK
  • - Angular JS
  • - PostgreSQL
  • - MongoDB
  • - JQuery
  • - Mule ESB
  • - Spring Boot
  • - Hibernate
  • - AWS Java SDK
  • - Angular JS
  • - PostgreSQL
  • - MongoDB
  • - JQuery
Business Benefits
  • User-friendly, secure, scalable and reliable event management solution
  • Prompt handling of unpredictable load conditions
  • Single-zone request servicing and access
  • Deployment of application and database in private sub-net
  • Lose coupling technique-powered interface design
  • Minimal memory leak by closing open resources