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Agile Automated Regression Testing Solution

About Client

The client is one of the leading wealth management solution providers since more than a decade and serves solutions for wealth data aggregation and reporting for ultra-high-net-worth investors to financially affluent customers. They provide solution for complex wealth data aggregation, tailored reporting solutions and a high-touch investor service experience.

Business Requirement

  • Bulk testing (almost 800+ test cases) on multiple environments was difficult as compared to testing any single scenario. This resulted in repetition of manual testing process by the highly skilled staffs for each test cases.
  • With each revision of product, the volume and complexity of testing was exponentially increased.
  • Checking the functioning of applications on different environments was time consuming task due to increased execution time on different OS and browsers.

The Solution

Azilen Technologies provided an automated regression testing solution for independent testing and quality assurance service that span managed services and automated regression testing to agile. A consistent and automated testing system for the repetitive tasks was delivered to mitigate the growing testing burden, increase pace of delivery, achieve best quality of application while reducing time and effort required. At the same time, parallel execution of different test cases was done resulting into time effective solutions.

  • Expanding level and scope of automated regression testing: A proof of concept (POC) was conducted to assess the feasibility of automating the application.
  • GUI testing and ease of functionality: A robust and open-source software testing frameworkSelenium automation framework is used for this purpose.
  • Solving Maintenance Issue: Page Object Model Framework was used for the applications due to the complex architecture. This makes it easy for test maintenance and reduction of duplication code.
  • Solving execution time issue: Selenium automation framework is integrated with Saucelabs that just needs the platform configuration for the test case to run on multiple environments parallel with other test cases.
  • Building test project continuously: With the help of Jenkins- a continuous integration and continuous delivery cross-platform application helps in building the test project continuously and make it easier for the automation testers to integrate changes in the project.
  • Reduced infrastructure cost: With the integration of tools like Selenium and Saucelabs with Jenkins server, it offers continuous integration of data for ease in testing.

Solution Benefits

  • Testing for eight releases per month on average.
  • Assured consistent performance of application on multiple environments.
  • Over 6,400 test cases executed every month on average.
  • Efficiently tested major changes in application in every revision.
  • Delivered quality product in every release.