Employee Recognition powered by Digital Rewards & Recognition platform
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Employee Recognition powered by Digital Rewards & Recognition platform

In the competitive talent market, employee retention plays a vital role to sustain the organizational talent needs. Recognition plays a vital role in keeping the workforce emotionally involved and engaged. As per EnterpriseAppsToday eye-opening employee recognition statistics for 2022, effective recognition programs reduce voluntary turnover in their organizations by 31% A digital strategy for running these recognition programs create a multi-fold impact.

With the goal of solving one of the major pain areas of organizations, i.e., Employee turnover, Azilen collaborated with one of the clients in the employee experience domain to build a Digital Rewards and Recognition (R&R) Platform. This platform not only catered to the engagement specific activities but also to enhance the eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) of the organization.

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Business Scenario

This was a joint collaboration between Azilen and a Canada based Employee Engagement Client. The objective of this engagement was to develop a flagship Rewards and Recognition Platform for them which would be offered to small, medium and large enterprise organizations.

Hence, Azilen joined hands on this product development journey to add value to this digital platform with its experience in the Employee engagement. The engagement focused on enhancing the platfom with new age features and ensuring Quality.

Key Highlights

Segregated User Profiling

Ample Customization Options

Multi Integrations

Gamification Support

Overall wellbeing aspect covered

End to End Full Scale QA


  • Complex rules for multiple recognitions
  • 3rd party Rewards integration – Gift Cards, Vouchers
  • R&R program Budgeting and Reporting
  • Custom UI Theme for different teams


The customer wanted to enhance the platform in lines with the latest trends & technology in Employee Recognition. Azilen collaborated with their product team in reviewing the overall value proposition of the platform and building process improvisations in the product testing strategy.

In the initial phase Azilen executed workshops to capture the vision and roadmap to outline the basis of the enhancements, which included interactive exercises of market research, mind mapping & solutioning expectations.

The digital R&R platform was a SaaS based multi-tenant solution developed to serve multiple corporates in their Employee recognition journey. The platform allowed the HR operations teams in effectively planning, organizing and managing their Reward programs in an engaging way.

  • Innovative & creative recognition programs
  • Flexible benefits with a wider horizon of rewards
  • Scientific & measurable correlation between performance & rewards

The functional blueprint of the solution that caters to variety of users across the organization and the modular landscape is depicted below

Azilen Technologies, Digital-rewards-recognition-platform

Thought Leadership

For building high performance culture, the core essence of rewards and recognition resonates with the right Moment of Appreciation (MoA). Respecting such MoAs in time creates a sense of belongingness and a feeling “I am Valued”. This reinforces a positive behaviour which will ultimately lead to reduction in employee turnover and improving brand positioning.

If a technology can help to touch such MoA's at the right time, it's homerun.

Quality Engineering in Product Development

Azilen played a vital role in establishing and executing a Quality driven process for the product development lifecycle. A cohesive service framework was setup incorporating manual and automation testing in an effective way to sync Dev teams and QA teams.

The framework was designed in a manner to cover complete Product Life Cycle and result in reduction in breakdown threats, maintenance efforts, overall product flaws and time to market.

Azilen Technologies, Digital-rewards-recognition-platform

Functional Components

Core functional building blocks for the digital R & R platform are:

Award and Campaign

  • Rewards against objectives/KPIs
  • Leadership board for comparison
  • Effective Campaign administration

Culture and Recognition

  • Interact on the post -Likes & Comments
  • Milestone celebrations
  • Badges - Personalized and Standard
  • Highlight events and mentions


  • Integration with HRIS systems
  • Integration with e-commerce sites
  • Real-time monitoring 
  • Cost Distribution 
  • Points Management 
  • Monitor Performance 


  • Rewards Points
  • Pinned Announcements
  • Milestone Progress
  • Ranking in the Organization
  • Interaction Score


  • Total Cash and Points distributions
  • Overall Engagement Scores
  • Total Likes, Appreciation, Comments
  • Usage of Integrated Platforms


Countries leading brand reward connected.


Recognition Culture



Azilen Technologies, Digital-rewards-recognition-platform