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Is Your Employee Engagement and Culture Software Ready to Meet the Post-pandemic Workforce Challenges

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It is rightfully said that “Employees are your biggest brand ambassadors”. However, garnering trust and nurturing employee pride is no easy feat. Building an engaged and successful team of employees is, every organization’s priority because

Maintaining an authentic, transparent, and sustainable interaction is integral for creating a superior employee experience in an organization. It not only helps attract, engage, develop and retain high-performing employees, but also helps nurture in-house evangelists who can be the torch-bearers of employee engagement and culture in your organization.

More so, organizations had been working overtime to get accustomed to the new normal (such as remote working) during and post-pandemic, while making sure that the revenue targets are not compromised. And in doing so, focus on employee engagement is at the forefront, because after all, it is your ‘people’ who hold the key to drive your organizational (revenue) goals. And this had to be addressed by dealing with post-pandemic blue factors like:

  • Lack of motivation
  • Ineffective co-ordination
  • Monotony of working alone
  • Lack of teamwork environment

In one of our recent client engagements, we have built an AI-powered Employee Engagement solution that analyzes the textual data and generates detailed insights to identity & categorize emerging organizational themes. This solution has been highly successful in helping understand what they are doing well and where exactly the improvement is needed thereby driving actions from insights. This has also resulted in enhanced employee engagement.

Why Your Employee Engagement and Culture Software Needs a Major Transformation in 2021 (Post-pandemic)

The year 2020 has indeed challenged us to live, think and work in innovative ways like never before. While the world is limping back into normalcy from the pandemic woes, it has for sure made some major and permanent transformations in the prevailing work culture – across organizations.

While 56% of workers in the United States, according to a recent survey continue to work remotely till as late as January 2021, there has been an overall shift in the workforce behavior for reasons attributed to the pandemic.

Businesses big and small while implying workforce distribution strategies like flexible schedules, hybrid models (working remotely at least half of the time), and even remote-only workforces have to ensure that employees live their culture while balancing the business goals of the organization. But the BIG question is how?

8 Key Questions to Ask – About Your Employee Engagement Tool 

  1. Does your Employee Engagement tool reinforce great work culture?
  2. Meaningful feedback has emerged as one of the critical factors in driving employee engagement across all sections, especially remote employees. Does your Engagement tool provide transparency in the Survey Analysis and Feedback process for making decisive organizational changes?
  3. Does your engagement and culture software promote easy and transparent Rewards and Recognition?
  4. How does it balance culture and connection for employees opting for remote-only or hybrid models?
  5. Managers can make a 70 percent impact in team engagement by keeping the employees updated about the on-goings in the organization, sharing regular feedback, setting priorities, and managing accountability. Does your Employee Engagement and Culture software decipher a Manager’s role for improved team engagement?
  6. How active is your Employee Engagement software in instilling competitiveness and building excitement through AI-driven Gamification features in a mundane 9-to-5 job?
  7. Caring for employee well-being is a critical aspect of employee engagement. And communication within organizations across the hierarchy can play a crucial role in determining whether or not employees feel cared about. Is your Employee Engagement and Culture software integrated with health apps and devices to build a 360-degree view of wellness?
  8. Is your Employee Engagement tool built to create memorable onboarding (as well as offboarding) experience for your employees?

How Azilen can Fuel Innovation through AI/Machine Learning for your HRTech solutions

Azilen has been at the forefront of building HR solutions for global leaders. Our team of HRTech solutions experts with extensive experience in building AI/ML-powered and Data-driven solutions for the entire employee lifecycle has been relentlessly innovating breakthrough product capabilities that deliver real value. We have been offering technical support to Employee Experience and Culture Software companies to elevate employee engagement and culture experience for their organization using key transformational indicators such as:

  • Employee Behavior Mapping
  • Data-Backed Insights
  • Smart Surveys & Feedback
  • Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis
  • Employee Retention Risk Prediction
  • Theme Detection & Discovery

Fig. AI-powered Employee Engagement Model with Key Organization Culture Drivers

While companies worldwide are struggling to adjust to the new normal be it with addressing their employee’s well-being to managing a still fragmented workforce pattern – a remote-only, hybrid, and flexible models, your Employee Engagement and Culture Software need to be refurbished to meet the demands of the prevailing situation.

Azilen has been helping product companies with a portfolio of building Employee Engagement and Culture Software to elevate their current version with advanced and innovative solutions that can help them:

  • Promote agile, and incessant learning and development programs to their employees.
  • Boost employee development and growth powered by the organization.
  • Connect employee engagement programs to performance management initiatives to facilitate continuous enhancement and improved decisions.
  • Develop an inclusive survey and feedback culture for transparent and meaningful conversations.

We have also been at the forefront of emerging tech innovations like Chatbots-driven Employee Survey. This refers to employee surveys conducted via Intelligent Conversational Bots that assist Enterprise HRs in conducting employee surveys for various aspects as per the organizational requirement. It works by using AI for monitoring the pulse of the organization. Also you can consider incorporating a WordPress voting plugin into your employee engagement initiatives, allowing for interactive decision-making processes and enhancing collaboration among employees.

The vast plugin ecosystem, coupled with ease of use makes WordPress a great CMS for simplifying workflows as compared to legacy solutions like Sitecore, particularly in hybrid workspaces post pandemic.

This may motivate businesses and enterprises to seek Sitecore to WordPress migration services from experienced companies to make a smoother transition.

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Are you looking to take your employee engagement software to the next level?

Talk to our HRTech solutions experts today to discuss custom implementations for the latest technological innovations in Employee Engagement and Culture software for your business.

In case you are looking for an HR technology solution partner for your comprehensive HRTech products involving the entire employee lifecycle – Recruitment, Onboarding, Engagement, HCM, Benefits, People Analytics, etc. we’ll be happy to assist.

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